Brant Pest Control: Preventing Black Widow Spiders Around Your Home

Brant Pest Control: Preventing Black Widow Spiders Around Your Home

Canada is home to many spider species; thankfully, most are harmless to humans. Still, the country does experience the rare sighting of a black widow on occasion. The potential for interactions with venomous arachnids is why spider control in Brant is integral to keeping neighbourhoods safe.

With proper care and maintenance, your home can be inhospitable to various arachnids and other insects and pests. Four-season treatments, such as Truly Nolen’s, help keep potentially harmful pests off your property.

While black windows are rare in the region, homeowners should remain aware of the black silhouette and red hourglass. Finding one on your property is a sign that more could be near.

Black Widows and Prevention Methods

Spiders are ecologically important. Still, you don’t want an infestation of arachnids on your property. Infestations often include spiders in your home, not just outside in your yard. Homeowners may not notice spiders in their houses immediately because many spiders, including black widows, prefer dark, moist, or humid areas. You are more likely to notice a growing population in the attic or basement.

Black windows are unique arachnids; despite their fearsome reputation, they are usually shy. Most bites occur from accidental interactions. That said, they are still dangerous and potentially lethal under the right conditions. Discover the uniqueness of this species and why they are so dangerous.

Black Widows and Why They’re Dangerous

Most people are familiar with the size and colouring of black widows. The typical image of the spider is of a shiny black body with a red hourglass shape on the abdomen; this is the female of the species. Male black widows are much smaller and are usually light brown or gray. Also, males of the species don’t bite.

People are so familiar with the female of the species because she is the most dangerous. The arachnid’s venom is more toxic than prairie rattlesnakes by about 15 times. If bitten, a person can experience fever, increased blood pressure, headaches, and death — more likely in immuno-compromised, elderly, and children.

If you experience a black widow bite, contact emergency services immediately. Once you are safe, call Truly Nolen to take care of the problem.

Infestation Prevention Methods

While black windows are not a concern for most Canadian neighbourhoods, it is still crucial to know how to get rid of spiders. While all arachnids are essential to the environment, too many spiders on your property are problematic. A spider infestation is usually a symptom of another problem, such as an insect infestation, because spiders nest near food sources.

If you notice an increase in spider activity around your home, you want to take steps to prevent interior infestations and stop the populations from overwhelming your property. You can hire Truly Nolen for four-season protection, ensuring your property remains clear and safe, reducing the risk of black widow encounters. Some of the most effective prevention strategies include:

  • Sealing cracks around the home
  • Keeping the home clean
  • Regularly vacuuming
  • Maintaining landscaping
  • Managing humidity level in the house (keep humidity around 50%)

Obviously, it is impossible to eliminate every spider on your property. Arachnids travel and will find their way onto your property if there is an adequate food source. That said, Truly Nolen can treat your property to limit insects and deter infestations.

Spider Control Services

Black widows are uncommon in Canada but not unheard of. The spiders are dangerous and a potential nuisance. With proper maintenance and treatment from spider control in Brant, you can ensure your property remains safe from dangerous arachnids. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule an annual service contract for four-season treatments, guaranteeing year-round protection against pest infestations.