Prevent Ants in Your Brant County Home This Spring With These Simple Tips

Prevent Ants in Your Brant County Home This Spring With These Simple Tips

Most homeowners are thankful the cold winter is ending, but they should limit their rejoicing. The spring is the time for insects and other pests, including ants. Carpenter ant pest control in Brant County is critical in the early weeks of spring to avoid summer-long infestations. Discover four tips to prevent ants from entering your house and developing colonies nearby.

4 Tips for Ant Prevention

Ant prevention is not all about elimination, despite what all the insecticides promise. Besides the potential risks of spraying and applying various poisons around your property, insects play a vital role in the environment. While no DIY plan is fool-proof, there are methods you can use to protect your home against infestations.

1. Seal Entry Points

The best way to keep ants outside where they belong is to seal all potential entry points into your house. It is challenging to seal every possible entry because ants can enter through tiny openings.

It is best to hire a residential pest control service to seal the property because they know how to spot vulnerable entry points. The professionals also know which sealant methods are most effective.

2. Store Food and Sweets Properly

Who does love sweets? Besides people, insects love sweets, especially ants. Never leave candy or juice out in the open. Ants will sniff it out, even outside. It would be best to clean up spills and crumbs to eliminate any temptation immediately.

Store sweets and other foods in appropriate containers. It is not enough to have a foil-wrapped chocolate bar or candy; Ants can smell and get into such candies. Put open candy and food into airtight containers.

3. Clean Up After Pet Feedings

Many people allow their pets to feed freely throughout the day. Unfortunately, leaving kibble out all day can attract all sorts of pests, including ants. You absolutely want to avoid free-feeding if you feed your animals outside.

It is best to feed your pets at specific times during the day. When the animals finish eating, pick up their bowl, return leftovers to the food container, and wash the dish. Also, sweep the floor or ground where the bowl was, ensuring to clean up any remaining crumbs.

If you keep pet food in unsealed bags, like the bags it comes in, you can transfer it to a more secure container. You can buy pet food storage bins with screw-top lids to keep all pests, including insects, out of your pet’s food.

4. Keep the House Swept and Vacuumed

It is not only pet food you need to worry about. Homeowners also need to clean up after themselves and family. After every meal, wash the dishes, wipe down the table, and sweep or vacuum the floor.

Beyond washing, sweeping, and vacuuming, you must remove the garbage from inside your house. Even if an interior trashcan has a lid, an ant and its colony members might small the contents. Make it a habit to take the trash out of the house at least once daily, preferably at night’s end.

Reasons To Hire a Pest Control Professional

Residential pest control services can help you and your family develop prevention strategies for ants and other springtime pests. The pros may use a combination of techniques to protect your home, including exclusion and elimination. The advantage of hiring professional services is the guarantee that most offer, which protects the client.

Have you seen ants around your property, inside or outside of it? Contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss ant treatments and the company’s four seasons approach to pest control. Also, schedule an in-person inspection to get to the bottom of your insect problems.