How To Avoid a Mouse Infestation In Your Cambridge Apartment

How To Avoid a Mouse Infestation

Apartment living is often a wonderful experience because, for the most part, you do not need to worry about most homeowner concerns. Still, as a tenant, your landlord or the property owner expects you to maintain a clean environment. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, that can be challenging when it comes to wildlife, such as rodents. Sometimes, you might need to call for mice removal in Cambridge. However, before planning and preparing for the worst case, consider the top five preventative strategies for keeping your apartment free of rodents and other pests.

1. Cleaning Schedule

Wildlife is often attracted to easy and accessible food sources. While people might not look at crumbs on the floor as appetizing, those crumbs represent a small feast for a tiny mouse. One of the easiest ways to prevent rodents and other pests is to maintain a clean property. Sweep, vacuum, mop, and do the dishes regularly.

Additionally, aside from preventing the buildup of crumbs, you want to avoid leaving piles of debris inside or outside of your property. For instance, moving boxes can represent a safe nesting site for mice, especially if they are sitting in a garage, basement, or the back of a closet. Piles of leaves against the foundation of the house or apartment can also provide shelter and cover for mice. The closer mice nest to a property on the outside, the more likely they will find their way inside. Ensure that yard and house cleaning are part of your routine.

2. Property Maintenance

It is not enough to rake leaves away from the foundation and keep other yard debris away from the house. It is also essential that you or the management perform regular maintenance, such as sealing foundation cracks, repairing holes in siding, patching roofing, etc. Mice can fit into tiny holes, even small gaps between pipes and the foundation. Therefore, all openings into the property must be sealed adequately and correctly. 

3. Sealed Trash Bins

Part of keeping mice out of your apartment is keeping them disinterested in the property. Too many people use trash bins without lids. Mice love open trash containers or bags placed on the curb. Do not tempt mice and other wildlife with an easy meal.

Your trash bins should have a tight-fitting lid. If you can find a container with a lockable lid, that is even better. Making it difficult for wildlife to access trash can encourage it to move on to other properties that take fewer precautions. Remember, a wild animal prefers to save energy and not expel it on an impossible meal.

4. Door Sweeps and Window Screens

A mouse can fit through an opening about the width of a pencil. Therefore, standard gaps under doorways are no match for the flexible bodies of rodents. To prevent access to your apartment from under your door, you should install a door sweep. If your door already has a sweep, assess it. Many sweeps wear down after several years of use. If the sweep is too worn, a mouse can still push through it to enter the property.

Additionally, do not open your windows without first installing a window screen. An open window provides easy access to your living space. While everyone loves a springtime breeze, a screen is the safest way to enjoy it without risking wildlife entry.

5. Professional Assistance

Finally, consider consulting a professional pest control service. Professional services can provide property assessments, including tips for securing your apartment and preventing rodent infestations.

If you want to protect your apartment or manage a current rodent or wildlife problem, contact our Truly Nolen team in Cambridge. We will send a qualified team member to assess your needs and present the best options for your specific situation.