How to Avoid a Spider Infestation in Cambridge Spring Cleaning Tips

How to Avoid a Spider Infestation in Cambridge Spring Cleaning Tips

When spring arrives, you probably feel the urge to deep clean your Cambridge home after the long winter, and this includes ridding it of uninvited arachnid guests. Spiders are adept, adaptable and secretive, which means they can hide away in almost any room of your home. At Truly Nolen Canada, we want to help you with spider control in Cambridge and provide you with a few tips that may prevent them from re-entering your home as the weather warms up.

Common Spider Habits 

Most species of spiders found in Cambridge are non-venomous except for the black widow spider, which can deliver a painful and toxic bite. Many spiders are too small to inflict serious wounds, but when they invade your home, it can feel like an unpleasant experience because of the webs they weave to catch and eat prey.

Most spiders prefer dark, quiet environments including cellars, attics, cracks and crevices around your home and storage spaces as well. You may see the spindly-legged cellar spider, often mistaken for daddy longlegs, building webs in the corners of ceilings. As you begin your spring cleaning and wait for our residential pest control specialists to arrive, you can take action to prevent a further infestation.

Seal Windows and Check Screens 

Spiders may find their way into your home via damaged windows. Gaps in the windowsill or damaged seals are an open invitation for small spiders looking for a safe and warm place to make their webs. Small tears in window screens can also let these pests indoors, so make checking your window seals and screens part of your spring cleaning chores.

Maintain Door Thresholds 

Over the winter, the weather stripping on your home’s doors may be worn and allow gaps to appear at the bases. The larger the gaps, the bigger the spider that can venture inside. Maintain or replace your weather stripping to safeguard this possible entry point.

Gaps in door thresholds also occur if doors become damaged over the winter and now hang improperly. Inspect each of your home’s doors to ensure a proper seal, which can help keep spiders from entering your home.

Make Your Home Unattractive To Spiders 

You can repel spiders away from your Cambridge home by taking a few simple steps during your spring cleaning. Many species of spiders seek out dark and humid or moist places, which is why you usually see them in places like basements or inside sink cabinets. Avoiding moisture issues can also keep spiders away, so check for leaks or other places around the exterior of your home that might attract them.

A spider’s main purpose in life is to find a place to hunt, and if your home has features that might attract insects, they may lure spiders as well. Keep food preparation areas clean and use covered trash cans so you do not invite ants or flies, both of which spiders prey upon.

Clean Up Old Webs

Some spiders have little concern about taking over an abandoned web when they find one. Cleaning corners, above kitchen cabinet gaps and behind large pieces of furniture to destroy these webs may discourage wandering arachnids to move in.

Truly Nolen Technicians Can Help 

If you are facing a spider infestation, our home pest control technicians can assist you. Not only can they rid your home of spiders with professional tools and know-how but also provide you with tips to keep these creatures away from your home throughout the spring and summer months. They will also provide you with a home inspection to ensure no other entry spots remain.

If you need assistance with a spider infestation or want help with spider control in Cambridge, contact us today for a home inspection and remove eight-legged pests from your property all season long.