Georgetown Pest Control: Essential Bug Control Tips for a Pest-Free Camping Season

Tips to Keep Food Areas Ant-Free

Is there anything more wonderful than camping in the great outdoors with family and friends? While it is a fun activity, camping can also attract numerous pests and critters; therefore, consulting pest and rat control in Georgetown before embarking on your next outdoor adventure is an excellent idea.

Services like Truly Nolen Canada can help you understand the motivations behind pest behaviours. If you know an animal’s motivations, you can better avoid pest control issues at the campsite, keeping you and your family safe.

4 Tips To Prevent Pests While Camping

Wildlife comprises many species, some scarier than others. For example, bears are likely more terrifying than rats. Still, you want to know what is the best way to control rats.

Any animal, insect, or creepy crawly is intimidating when infesting your space, even if that space is outside, technically their domain. While you might be unable to prevent all pests, you can take steps to control the number of them. Some tips, like using bug spray, are more obvious than others, but every tip is helpful.

1. Keep Food Sealed

Camping wouldn’t be any fun without standard edible fares, like fresh fish and roasted marshmallows. The problem with food is the scent carries and attracts unwanted guests, from insects to rodents and more supersized threats.

While you cannot do much to limit the scent of food while cooking and eating it, you can reduce it before cooking and after eating. Before you cook, keep all food in tightly sealed containers. Once you finish your meal, wash all your dishes and cooking gear and either bury leftovers or throw them into airtight trash bags and bins.

2. Keep Garbage Properly Stored

Garbage refers to more than food waste. While collecting and properly disposing of your trash is the respectable way to camp, it is also the safest way.

Trash is appealing to wildlife. While discarded food might be the primary target of rummaging critters, it is not the only one. Animals will use trash to help build nests and shelters.

If a campsite does not have suitable trash cans on the premises, bring your own. Bring airtight containers you can store your waste in.

3. Wear Dull or Plain Colours

While bright, vibrant colours are fun to wear, they are not the best wardrobe choices for camping. Bright colours tend to attract insects and birds. Wildlife sees the colours as flowers, often indicating food or water sources.

Flying insects will buzz around you all day if you don’t change your shirt. Even if insects and critters realize you are not a flower, they will likely continue to investigate the campsite in search of food or safety.

4. Avoid Scents

Scientists and pest control professionals understand that insects respond to aromas and chemical combinations in certain perfumes and colognes. Some say that even the type of soap you use can attract attention from various bug and insect species.

Avoid using cologne or perfume to limit the risk of attracting unwanted pests to your campsite. You might also want to look for a more neutral-scented soap. In essence, you are trying to limit your scent as much as possible to reduce the appeal to pests.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

When camping, you might not think about calling rat control near me to resolve pest control issues, but there is no reason you can’t, especially if you have a significant or unique problem. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss your campsite problem, or if you don’t camp much, contact the company to discuss residential and commercial services. As a valued community member, Truly Nolen is always happy to serve.