Georgetown Pest Control: How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Oven

Keep Mice Out Of Your Oven

It’s an unsettling thought, imagining mice getting into your kitchen and hanging out in your appliances like the oven. Even though it seems unlikely, mice are attracted to the warmth of an oven and how closed off it is from the rest of the kitchen.

Your oven may be attracting rodents and keeping them hidden away from the rest of your household. To keep these critters away and prevent possible food contamination from their droppings and urine, you’ll need to get effective mice removal. Truly Nolen performs rodent removal in Georgetown and let you take back your living space. Here are tips to keep mice out of the oven in your kitchen.

Keep It Clean

The first way you can keep mice out of your oven is by taking a preventative approach. Mice gather in ovens because it is a food source. It’s also warm, quiet and separate from the rest of the living space. While you can’t keep your oven door open all day long, what you can do is clean it thoroughly to eliminate any bits of food mice may eat.

Homeowners sometimes forget about cleaning their ovens unless it’s a once-a-year spring deep cleaning session. It’s important to do regular thorough cleanings of your oven to keep food debris from piling up. Use an oven cleaner to remove grease buildup on the door of the oven and inside near the coils. Regularly brush out burnt food crumbs and spills to avoid feeding a family of mice. Also be sure to periodically unplug the oven, pull it out of its space and clean behind the appliance.

Seal Off Entry Points

Another way you can keep the mice from invading your oven is to seal off any entry points. You’ll need to start this process by walking around your home’s exterior and looking for potential gaps that could fit a mouse. Mice are capable of compacting their bodies and squeezing into small spaces, so any gap should be identified.

Then, use caulk or sealant to close off the gaps and keep your property off-limits to mice. Focus on gaps that are near your oven, such as behind it in the wall or somewhere else in the kitchen to keep mice from going right for this appliance. You should also make sure your oven properly fits in its space in your kitchen.

Get Help From Truly Nolen

If you have an active rodent infestation and are struggling with keeping mice out of the oven, it’s time to consult a professional. Truly Nolen has a team of technicians who can come to your property and take care of mice removal in Georgetown. Mice left unchecked could chew up vital components to your oven and potentially cause a fire or other significant damage.

Our process starts by sealing off your home to any potential critters. We close off entry points that your inspection may have missed and check any other areas for signs of infiltration. Then we work to trap and remove any rodents living in your home. We use pest control techniques to keep other critters away. Finally, we provide preventative solutions that keep mice from coming back.

Mice Removal That Works

The thought of mice nesting in your oven is unpleasant. With Truly Nolen’s help, you can take steps to make your oven off-limits to mice. We can start a pest control monitoring system to protect your property and your family inside.

Get more information about Truly Nolen’s services for mouse removal by reading about our approach for rodent control. With our help, you can reclaim your kitchen.