What are weevils?

With summer weather comes a large variety of different bugs and insects that might be lingering around your home. Weevils are one of the most common bugs you might find in your garden. However, some insects might be difficult to identify and this could be essential to removing any infestations.

What are weevils?

Weevils are a type of beetle. The weevil belongs to the family Curculionidae, which has the most species of any other type of beetle. It’s estimated that there are over 1,000 species of Curculionidae in North America. Each weevil species looks a little different with a wide range of colours and body shapes. Commonly weevils are slender or oval-shaped. They also range in size from about 3 mm to over 10 mm in length.

Weevils usually are dark colours such as brown or black. Some species have scales or shiny hairs covering their bodies. Weevils are most identifiable by the shape of their head. Adult weevils have an elongated head that forms a snout. Their mouth is at the end of the snout and some weevils may have snouts as long as their body.

A weevil’s diet.

Weevils are generally vegetarian eating mostly plants. Some species can destroy crops and other large gardens. The cotton boll weevil and the black vine weevil are common in large parts of North America and feed on a variety of plants. For most homeowners, weevils are found in fields, gardens or orchards. Weevils may also attack stored grains and seeds. They can be very destructive and can be expensive to control.

Are weevils destructive or dangerous?

To people weevils are mostly not dangerous. They do not bite or carry any diseases. However, they can be pests to homeowners mainly through their destruction of gardens and seeds. Also, their high numbers during an infestation can make them a nuisance to people. Weevils can get into window sills and doors. Although there may be a lot of weevils, they do not do any major structural damage to buildings.

Weevil control and removal.

When on the outside of your home, it may be difficult to notice any large collections of weevils. However, when the insect finds its way into a building, homeowners may notice hundreds of weevils on walls and around windows. Initial removal is quite simple with just a quick vacuum. Make sure to empty the vacuum outside to prevent further infestation.

Like most insect control, the best way to prevent infestation is by sealing any holes or cracks around doors and windows. Weevils are quite small and can get through the tiniest cracks. Weevils live in large numbers so sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to remove infestations themselves. Make sure to contact a professional if problems persist.

Pest control

Sometimes insects that live in large groups can be difficult to control especially if they make their way into your home. If you see many small dark bugs collecting in your window sills make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.