4 Ant Species to Protect Your Guelph Home From

4 Ant Species to Protect Your Guelph Home From

Ant infestations can be a problem in this area, even in the winter season. Ants can easily enter homes and start eating the smallest of crumbs. There are different species of ants that may be present in and around your home. The key to carpenter ant pest control in Guelph that works is to have your technician identify the correct ant species and make a plan to eliminate them. At Truly Nolen Canada we can help solve an ant problem and prevent them from returning. Here are four ant species to know about.

1. Black Carpenter Ants

The largest common ant species in this region is the black carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are black and more than a centimeter long, much larger than other ants in the region. These nuisance ants attack wooden structures and trees around properties.

If you have a colony of carpenter ants in your home, they could cause significant damage to things like wooden decks, sheds, wooden yard structures or even the interior of your home. Some signs of a carpenter ant problem include seeing decaying wood and wood shavings around your home.

2. Pavement Ants

Another type of ant that you may see in your yard or your home is a pavement ant. They are much smaller than carpenter ants, from two to four millimeters in length. They are brownish-black with pale legs. Pavement ants are most often found in concrete, sidewalks and on patios. Pavement ants may also be inside your home, under the floorboards or inside walls.

Our technicians help remove pavement ants by following their trail and finding the source of the infestation. Usually, there is a food source that is attracting the trail of ants, and removing the food item may help control the pavement ant problem. We can then use an insecticide formula to keep the pavement ants from coming back.

3. Pharaoh Ants

Next, you may also encounter pharaoh ants inside your home. This type of ant is another smaller species, about two millimeters in size. Pharaoh ants are red or light brown in colour. Their small size and their preference for lurking behind walls and fixtures may make them more difficult to control. They are attracted to warm and humid rooms, such as your bathroom or kitchen.

Because of their inaccessibility, homeowners may need some help with a pharaoh ant infestation. Our technicians can treat rooms with an ant problem and target the nest to remove the colony.

4. Thief Ants

The smallest type of ant that may be inside your home or on your property is the thief ant. Thief ants are only one or two millimeters in length. They can be brown or yellow. They are known to colonize close to nests of other ant species.

After identifying this type of ant, the most effective way to remove them is to find their nest location. Technicians can then spot-treat the walls, window sills and doorways to prevent the ants from taking over your space.

Effective Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Guelph

An ant problem can be difficult to tackle if you try to take care of it yourself. Often, ants may continue to return if you resort to DIY solutions and ant bait from the hardware store. Instead of trying to do it yourself, reach out to a qualified pro, like Truly Nolen Canada, to get more effective carpenter ant control. Carpenter ants can wreak havoc on the wooden parts of your home if left unchecked.

If you are worried you may have a carpenter ant issue, contact the team at Truly Nolen Canada right away. We can perform an inspection of your property, identify the ant and design a treatment plan to remove them from your home.