Guelph Pest Control: 4 Common Issues that Carpenter Ants Cause

Guelph Pest Control: 4 Common Issues that Carpenter Ants Cause

A pest problem can be unsettling and lead to lots of stress. When you have carpenter ants, you also have to worry about the potential damage the insects may also cause. Carpenter ants are larger than the common household ant and much more destructive.

If you take quick action and work with a professional pest control company, Truly Nolen, you can help stop carpenter ants from destroying the wooden structures in and around your property. Truly Nolen offers carpenter ant pest control for homeowners in the area. Here are four common issues that carpenter ants cause in homes.

Holes in Your Home’s Door Frame

Anything in your one that is made from wood could be vulnerable to carpenter ant damage. The first spot that carpenter ants may target is your door frames. The wood that frames out your interior and exterior doors could be a spot that carpenter ants chew through for nesting.

Once ants get inside your door frames and chew through the wood, it will be difficult to close and lock the doors. In some cases, the doors will need to be completely reframed by a contractor or rehung. This could cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Flooring Issues

Carpenter ant damage may also cause your floors to look like they have water damage. The flooring could bulge or appear uneven, especially if is hardwood floors. Carpenter ants may target the subfloor underneath a solid surface floor or carpet since most subfloors are made from plywood.

A contractor may have to come in and repair different parts of your flooring if it only has minimal damage. In extreme cases, the entire floor may need to be replaced, which is an expensive big project. Hardwood floor replacement may be tens of thousands of dollars in materials and labour costs.

Sinking Ceilings

Ceilings and walls that have carpenter ant damage may sag or sink. If ants are falling from the ceiling or you see a trail of them climbing up your walls, there may be a serious problem. Additionally, you may notice your ceilings look warped and uneven.

Under the surface of your ceiling, there are materials like insulation, drywall backing or wood that keep your ceiling intact. Carpenter ants that are in your home could chew up these materials when nesting and create a serious issue.

Windows That Get Stuck

The materials that make up the framing for your windows may also be a spot that carpenter ants may damage. Windows that have damage from carpenter ants can either get stuck while open or be difficult to open. The framing and windowsill may have holes or other damage that keeps the window from being able to be opened or closed.

When your windows aren’t secure, you’re inviting even more potential damage to your home. Water and cold air from the outside could get inside your space and lead to mould, water damage and energy loss. Carpenter ants may leave small piles of sawdust around windowsills as evidence of an infestation.

Carpenter Ant Pest Control for Your Needs

Keeping your home off-limits to carpenter ants is trickier than preventing household ants. Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture and home structures that are in disrepair. First, fix any problem spots in your home and make sure there aren’t water sources leaking anywhere. Then, work with Truly Nolen for more effective pest control in Guelph. We can do a thorough home inspection to find any potential pests, including carpenter ants, and stop them before you have a serious infestation.

Your home is an investment that you need to protect. Let Truly Nolen help you keep your home safe from carpenter ant damage.