Haldimand-Norfolk Pest Control: Common Places Bees Build Nests

Common Places Bees Build Nests

Bees are nature’s unsung heroes and provide the world with unique benefits to the plant and tree systems. Their numbers may be declining around the globe, so it’s vital homeowners deal with a bee problem by calling a professional who can safely perform bee removal in Cambridge. Truly Nolen Canada has a team of trained and knowledgeable technicians who can safely remove bees from your home. Learn more about where they may build their nests.

When You Need Bee Removal in Cambridge

There are different species of bees in the area that may be part of the ecosystem. The most common bees in this part of Canada include honeybees, carpenter bees and bumblebees. The bees in Canada make their nests in various places, but with a rise in suburban development, some bees may get confused and end up on your property or in your home.

If bees are in or around your home, you may notice them and see a number of individual bees inside or outside on your property. You may also hear more activity, such as a quiet buzz if a large nest is nearby. If you see a nest, never attempt to remove it yourself. Instead, search for bee removal near me and find a pro.

Where Do Bees Build Their Nests?

Bees have become quite creative when it comes to nest building. With more housing taking over their natural habitat, bees around the globe have adapted to the human world and found new nesting opportunities.

Honeybees most often make a nest inside tree cavities, rock crevices or other places that offer some seclusion and protection. Sometimes honeybees will make a nest in or around someone’s property. They could nest in a trash can or recycling bin, inside old furniture, an unused grill, a meter box or a birdhouse.

How Do You Identify a Bee’s Nest?

The first sign of a bee’s nest is bee activity. During the day, you may see hundreds of individual bees flying in and out of a hive or nest. If the honeybee nest is out in the open, you may see the characteristic honeycomb structure.

Other bee species may be nesting in the ground, so the most obvious sign is seeing lots of bees. A bumblebee nest may be situated near the ground and look like a bunch of circular tubes grouped together. Carpenter bees nest by boring holes into wooden structures, such as trees or wooden decks and fences.

Where Should You Look for Bee’s Nests in Your Home?

In your home, bees may take advantage of structural features or pre-existing damage. They can find small cracks or gaps around your foundation or up near your roof and get inside to make a nest. They are likely to nest in the chimney, attic, roof or in wall cavities.
If you think you have bees nesting in your home, you may see bees inside near windows or doors. You may also see dark spots on your walls where honeycomb may be hiding behind the surface. Our bee removal in Cambridge services can help identify the problem.

The Best Bee Control

Since bees are so important to the flowering plants and ecosystem in the area, you need the best bee control pros to handle the removal process. Truly Nolen Canada provides safe bee removal in Cambridge so the bees can continue pollinating and making honey in a more appropriate place. We relocate honeybee hives to a safer spot and give homeowners their space back.

Safe Bee Removal in Cambridge

When you need safe bee removal in Cambridge, you need a team of professionals with knowledge and respect for honeybees. Truly Nolen Canada uses our expertise and skills to safely relocate bee hives to a better place out of your home. Find out more about our bee control by contacting us if you think there is a hive on your property.