Kitchener Pest Control: 3 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Outside

Kitchener Pest Control 3 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Outside

In the spring and summer, mosquitoes are most active outside in your yard or neighbourhood. It’s already a challenge to protect yourself from getting mosquito bites when you spend a lot of time outdoors. Another potential problem is when mosquitoes are getting inside your home and biting you and your family. No one wants to walk around their house spraying mosquito repellent on everything, so there has to be a different approach if you have mosquitoes coming inside. Truly Nolen offers expert mosquito control in Kitchener to help combat a mosquito infestation. Here are three ways to keep them from getting into your home.

1. Window Screens and Doors

Mosquitoes can get inside through any small gap or hole in your home, especially around your windows and doors. Carefully check over your window screens, doors and window sills for any gaps or holes that need to be sealed. 

If your screens have holes in them, invest in a repair kit or buy new window screens to prevent bugs from getting inside. Additionally, check over your doors and look for daylight coming inside. That signals a potential gap that needs to be sealed so mosquitoes don’t get in.

2. Coffee Grounds

Another way you can keep mosquitoes from getting inside of your home is to sprinkle coffee grounds around your property. Look for puddles of water outside near your windows or doors. Small puddles of stagnant water are the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

You can disrupt breeding mosquitoes by sprinkling coffee grounds into your garden or where pools of water collect around your property. Save the grounds from your morning pot of coffee and take them outside to help prevent more mosquitoes from hatching and coming inside of your home.

3. Garlic

If you want a more natural mosquito repellent to keep these annoying insects away from you and your family in your home, consider using garlic. Garlic has natural mosquito-repelling properties and may also disrupt the larvae. 

Crush a few cloves of fresh garlic from your pantry and boil them in water for a few minutes. After the water has boiled for a little bit and cooled, transfer the garlic water to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture wherever mosquitoes are plentiful to keep them away. If you don’t want to spray garlic all over your house, an alternative is to cook a dish that includes a lot of garlic to fill the air with the scent.

Mosquito Control Treatments 

Some other potential home remedies that could keep mosquitoes away are camphor oil, basil, tea tree oil or mosquito-repelling plants. You can stock your garden up on plants that have natural mosquito-repelling properties. 

The most effective way to get mosquitoes out of your home is to call the pros at Truly Nolen. We can deliver professional treatments to your property and backyard that help reduce the mosquito population and keep them from coming inside. If you have an active infestation in your home, we can also treat the source and eliminate them.

Professional Mosquito Control in Kitchener

Our technicians can also help with prevention so your yard won’t be a mosquito haven. We recommend taking care of any spots in your yard or on your property that collect water, such as birdbaths, ponds, fountains or children’s wading pools. Additionally, we can inspect other parts of your property to determine if there are mosquito-friendly conditions. 

Contact Truly Nolen to take care of a mosquito problem in your home or on your property. We want you to enjoy the warm weather without having to dodge mosquitoes and worry about bites and potential mosquito-borne diseases.