Where Are Carpenter Ants Hiding In Your Kitchener Home?

Where Are Carpenter Ants Hiding In Your Kitchener Home_

There can be thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, carpenter ants in a single nest. You may wonder how such a large colony could stay hidden from view. However, though large compared to other ant species, carpenter ants are still rather small. Because they can be prey for many other animals, they prefer to keep out of sight as much as possible. If you have an infestation, you should call for carpenter ant control in Kitchener. Here are some of the places they may be hiding in your home.

1. Inside Walls

Carpenter ants excavate tunnels in wood to make their nests. They may use the framework of your home to make nests if they can get to it. Carpenter ants hollow out wood by digging tunnels in it, but this does little to change the outer appearance of the wood. This means that it is easy to miss an infestation that is happening right under your nose. Furthermore, because the frame of your house may be hidden behind layers of drywall and insulation, the ants may be able to hide undetected inside your walls for some time.

2. Bathroom

Carpenter ants are attracted to damp wood in which to make nests. When wood absorbs moisture, it becomes softer, making it easier for the ants to chew. Therefore, the ants may be attracted to a room with a lot of moisture, such as a bathroom. You may be most likely to find them under sinks or behind bathroom tiles.

You can help to prevent carpenter ants in the bathroom by preventing bottles of soap, shampoo, and lotion from spilling their contents and by closing them securely when not in use. You should also clean the bathroom thoroughly and check for drips or leaks in and around bathtubs, toilets, and sinks.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen can also provide a source of water, which is part of the reason why ants may be attracted to it as they are to the bathroom. However, there is another reason why ants are attracted to the kitchen: food. Carpenter ants especially love foods that are sweet and sugary or are rich in protein. Therefore, you should rinse out any empty containers of soda or juice before disposing of them and store honey and syrup in tightly closed plastic containers. Often, some residue may gather around the lid, and you should wipe this up before putting the container away.

If you spill grease on floors or countertops, clean them up right away. Keep pets’ bowls clean and don’t leave uneaten pet food sitting around. Wipe up the areas where the pets eat. Make sure kitchen faucets don’t leak and water doesn’t collect in the sink.

4. Basement

Carpenter ants may live in either finished or unfinished basements, but the latter may hold more attractions for them. An unfinished basement may be less frequently trafficked than a finished one, which probably sees a lot of use. Basements tend to be damp, especially in the summer, and an unfinished basement probably has a lot of uncovered wooden beams and floor joists where ants could start building a nest. Basements also tend to attract insects other than ants, meaning that even if there are no crumbs to feed on, the carcasses of other insects can provide the sustenance they need. If they need more food than the basement can provide, it isn’t a long walk to get to the kitchen where they can forage.

Why Should You Call Truly Nolen for Carpenter Ant Control in Kitchener?

We inspect your home both inside and out to find where carpenter ants are hiding. Once we locate them, we treat both their nests and the areas where they are active to ensure complete removal. Our methods are effective and safe for pets. Learn more about the services we offer.