3 Wood Damaging Pests to Look Out For in Milton

Wood Damaging

Property damage is common after an insect infestation, so it’s vital to be diligent when you suspect you have bugs. Some insects target the wood features in your home and yard and can potentially destroy these areas if not dealt with, causing thousands of dollars in damage. The most common wood damaging pests are carpenter ants, termites and carpenter bees. Truly Nolen can help create a plan of action to eliminate these pests and protect your home’s features. We are the leading pest and mice removal service in the region.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are widespread throughout the Milton region and surrounding areas. They are large, black ants that may be found near dead or decomposing trees in the woods or in your backyard. Queen and worker carpenter ants don’t have wings, but some carpenter ants in a colony have wings to help scout out new areas for reproducing. Their front and back wings are different lengths.

The biggest clue your property is infested with carpenter ants is seeing the actual insects inside of your home or wood structure. They may leave sawdust behind as they dig through a wooden surface. If you have an infestation, you may also hear the rustling sounds of the colony working and digging. They can be found in damaged wooden features, such as window sills, decks or sheds.


The most damaging insect of wood in homes is the termite. Termites may look similar to carpenter ants, but there are some distinct differences to help homeowners tell them apart. Swarming termites have wings, but their set of wings is the same size. Their mid-sections are much thicker than an ant, and their antennae are curved.

A termite infestation may be undetected for years. Termites can get into the wood by digging deep down into the soil under the property. Once inside, they can chew through wood and cause significant structural damage. A termite infestation may be marked by lines of small sandy tubes near the wooden structure they are inside. Once they have eaten through the inside of a wooden feature, it may crumble and fall apart.

Carpenter Bees

The third type of wood damaging insect in homes around the country is the carpenter bee. Carpenter bees are large, black bees up to one inch in size. They are most active during the late spring and early summer and can be territorial. While male carpenter bees don’t sting, they will fly aggressively around their territory near their nest.

Carpenter bees use wood structures to make nests for their young. They dig tunnels into the wood and leave behind sawdust and dark stains. New generations of bees return to the same wooden structure year after year and add more tunnels inside, causing even more damage.

Insect and Mice Removal Services for Your Property

Wood damaging insects may cause serious problems with your home if unnoticed. These common pests may be found all throughout your property, including in any type of wooden structure in your yard. Homeowners can protect their investment by having pest control in Milton professionals inspect their home’s features. The team at Truly Nolen can identify the type of insect that may be present in your home and devise a plan of action to remove them. It’s important to catch an infestation in the early stages so your wooden structures don’t need to be extensively repaired or replaced.

Our approach to pest control at Truly Nolen is a year-round solution that is more effective than typical spot treatments. We use a four-season method that keeps wood damaging insects out of your home and prevents catastrophic structural disasters. Contact our team today if you are concerned about wood damaging insects or notice signs of an infestation.