6 Tips To Prevent A Pest Infestation In Your Milton Home

Take Out Garbage Regularly

From insects to rodents and everything between, Milton residents must protect their properties from various pests. However, many homeowners want to find ways to prevent infestations before residential pest removal is necessary. 

While it might seem impossible to eliminate all risks of intruders, there are many things homeowners can do. Essentially, property protection comes down to cleanliness and routine. If you want to minimize your risks of pest infestations, consider adopting six routines.

1. Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Clean

Like all living things, pests need food and water to survive. The kitchen and bathroom are the food and water hubs of the home. Every meal time, your kitchen collects several crumbs and scraps. After every shower or bath, your bathroom becomes humid and damp. Pests will gravitate to these spaces to fulfill their needs for food and water.

If you keep the kitchen and the bathroom clean, the animal or critters will not have food or water. You might need to install a new bathroom exhaust fan to ensure all moisture is sucked out of the room. Additionally, consider leaving exhaust fans on in the kitchen and other high moisture areas of the home after getting the areas humid.

2. Take Out Garbage Regularly

One of the worst things a homeowner can do is leave trash in the house overnight or over several days. While many companies that sell trash bins encourage homeowners to buy larger bins to limit the need for frequent emptying, it is the frequent emptying that will reduce the risks of infestations. Pests look to trash for food. If you continuously take the trash outside and put it in a sealable bin, you reduce the temptation for pests to come inside.

3. Maintain the Garden

Weeds, leaves, and other yard debris can provide shelter for wildlife and insects. If the yard debris collects too close to the house, you will create a space for shelter near your foundation. The closer an animal gets to the interior of a home, the more motivated they are to find a way inside.

You want to ensure that all garden beds around the house are adequately maintained. Pull weeds, rake, pick up sticks, etc., to ensure that the landscaping nearest the house does not provide shelter. Additionally, clean up any loose birdseed on the ground around feeders.

4. Reduce Clutter

Besides cleaning up the landscaping, you will need to maintain a clutter-free interior and exterior. Clutter provides shelter and hides evidence of pests on your property. By eliminating clutter, you make it easier to spot pests and remove them.

5. Don’t Keep Fruits and Veggies Out

Many people store fruit and veggies on their counters. While it is tempting to store brightly coloured and seasonal foods in the open, the food can attract unwanted pests. Additionally, if you do not eat fruit or veggies quickly enough, they can become overly ripe, attracting flies and other pests.

6. Contact Truly Nolen

If you are unsure what to do to prevent pest infestations, contact pest control in Milton, specifically Truly Nolen. As one of Canada’s leading pest control companies, there is little they can’t do to protect and free your property of any invasive pests.

Are you worried about potential rodents, insects, and other wildlife in your area? If so, contact Truly Nolen Canada and schedule a property assessment. The company will send out a qualified technician to examine the property and determine potential next steps. If an infestation is not currently present, the technician will likely present prevention techniques and services to the client, which can help put their minds at ease.