Battle of Bugs: Common Niagara Office Pests

Niagara Commercial Pest Control: Common Bugs to Keep out

Supporting the health and wellness of your Niagara employees can foster a more productive workplace and allow them to work in an environment free of issues that may cause health problems, such as insect pests. From ants to wasps and even bedbugs, invasive bugs may enter your commercial building at almost any time. At Truly Nolen, we provide all levels of commercial pest control in Niagara and some helpful information about why keeping insects away from your business can have a positive effect on both your property and the individuals who work for you.

What Businesses Need Pest Control the Most? 

As a Niagara business owner, you may not think about insect problems until you realize you have an infestation, and by then, you might find yourself facing a bug problem in every area. Some businesses tend to attract more insects than others, including:

  • Restaurants with outdoor seating 
  • Office spaces 
  • Hotels 
  • Convenience stores 

The main attractions for any insect include food, water and a place to nest away from predators so they can safely reproduce. If your business serves food, then planning for pest prevention and control can help you prevent a serious infestation from several different species of troublesome insects instead of waiting for a bug problem to develop.

If your building has a basement, insects may invite themselves in and cause damage to stored items like clothing and documents by nesting in these materials. To keep items like stored employee uniforms, hotel linens and promotional items safe, store them in air-tight or vacuum-sealed storage bags and bins instead of cardboard boxes, which insects can damage and destroy easily.


Few insects are as adaptable and industrious as ants, and once they target your business, they can set up shop and use scent trails to find their way into food stores, walk-in coolers, kitchens and break rooms. From the little black ant to larger species, such as carpenter and thief ants, most types found in the Ontario area can wreak havoc on your business.

Once a scout ant discovers a way into your business and finds food, it will lead the rest of the colony in. Pavement ants, named because of their tendency to live in cracks and crevices on sidewalks or other paved areas, will also venture indoors if they detect a food source. If you own a restaurant with patio seating or other types of outdoor areas that include paved surfaces, you may find yourself battling these insects both indoors and out.


Few invasive insects are more troublesome and potentially dangerous to remove from your commercial property than wasps. These insects work together to create large hives and often like to build under eaves, in the corners of high exterior windows and in overhanging awnings or eaves.

Unlike honeybees, all species of Ontario wasps can sting repeatedly without losing their stingers and can cause a considerable threat to anyone sitting nearby. These insects will attack in groups if they feel threatened, and it is unwise to try and remove nests without the help of our wasp removal technicians.


While flies pose somewhat of a less dangerous threat because common house flies do not bite humans, they can spread diseases in a short time, including salmonella and dysentery and can deposit saliva and germs on any food they land or walk on. A fly infestation is also unsightly and may keep customers away. Flies lay eggs on food, garbage and other types of waste, and once they get inside your business, they can cause an unpleasant environment for employees and customers alike.


If you own a business like a hotel, a small apartment building or any office space that uses shared office furniture, then you may already know the type of reputation bedbugs have. Highly invasive, hard to exterminate and hardy, these small insects feed on the blood of humans, and their bites can cause a variety of painful and irritating symptoms, including:

  • Itchy rashes 
  • Inflamed bumps and bites 
  • Pain and burning sensations on the skin 
  • Allergic reactions like swelling/blistered skin 

Bedbugs often hitch rides to new locations on clothing, bedding and even suitcases. Calling in our commercial pest control services can help you avoid these tiny invaders so your guests enjoy their time at your business and you avoid a poor online review and a loss of business. Like bedbugs, business reviews that mention bedbugs are often difficult to squash.

3 Businesses That Need Pest Control The Most

How Truly Nolen Safeguards Your Business From Bugs

Whether you need bedbug, wasp or ant removal assistance for your business, our pest technicians can provide you with a variety of services that removes invasive insects from the building and then prevents them from returning as well. With the right tools and know-how, our techs will treat crevices, walkways and outdoor spaces where these pests usually hide. With regular treatment and a few tips, you can rest assured your business remains pest-free.

Calling in our experienced technicians can also keep you and your employees safe. Handling some insects, such as wasps and biting ants, can result in painful welts, and most species of wasps will swarm in defence of their nest. Our ant and wasp removal techs can remove large wasp nests and ant hills in a way that keeps everyone in the area safe.

How To Stay Bug-Free After a Treatment 

While calling our technicians in for assistance can remove problematic insects, keeping them away in between service calls is just as important. Encouraging your employees to clean their spaces daily, such as wiping up spills so they do not leave a residue that invites insects and sweeping up crumbs, can prevent interested pests from showing up at the workplace. Ask your employees to empty trash cans daily and keep food waste and packaging confined to the breakroom. Using leak-proof cups and tumblers can also help keep spills to a minimum.

If you own a restaurant or hotel, then proper food storage is a must for keeping bugs away. Ensure that your food prep employees keep the walk-ins clean, especially the floor because spills usually invite ants and flies, both of which can invade your building in droves if unchecked. Clean windowsills and doorframes and keep them closed or screened. An insect population may also invite insect predators, such as spiders, so daily housekeeping can prevent more than one pest problem.

Call Us for Commercial Pest Control 

Sometimes invasive insects find their way into your business despite your best efforts, and if they multiply quickly, the problem grows beyond buying a can of bug spray or a few ant baits. Safeguard your Niagara business today and schedule a free inspection with our pest technicians at Truly Nolen to provide your guests and employees with a safe and comfortable space.