Effective Commercial Pest Control for Niagara Hotels

Commercial spaces require a well-planned pest control program. For both permitting and liability purposes, hotel accommodation and commercial areas must be sanitary and free of any pests. As a Niagara hotel owner, you want your guests to feel comfortable during their stay. You also want to avoid paying fines and being legally liable for the damage caused to your guests and their belongings. All that becomes much more difficult when taking into consideration the risk of pest infestations every hotel faces. Hundreds, even thousands of people passing through every day, large quantities of garbage left inside the rooms and stored around the facility, as well as the presence of large quantities of food, all increase the risks of attracting countless species of pests.

From birds, rodents and bugs, to spiders, bees and wasps, a hotel management team has a lot on their plate when it comes to keeping a hotel sanitary. They must regularly train and educate employees, provide guidelines for guests, and manage routine maintenance procedures that prevent pests from entering the property. Luckily for you, Truly Nolen offers a progressive pest program designed to make things easier for the hotel management.

Truly Nolen’s Commercial Pest Control Programs For Niagara Hotels

Truly Nolen Canada offers various residential pest control programs for hotel owners. We work towards providing a systematic pest control service that’s practical and sustainable for hotel owners. Our team works on integrating the most effective strategies that combine prevention, sustainable and humane removal methods, as well as daily procedures to ensure a pest-free environment. Our programs include:

The Nine-Step Progressive Pest Program – This monthly service for non-food handling businesses includes and I.P.M. ( Integrated Pest Management) approach in dealing with insects like spiders, ants, and crickets.

The Twelve-Step Restaurant Program – Our Restaurant program is dedicated to food-handling organizations and incorporates a twelve-step I.P.M. that focuses on controlling the population of crawling insects like the German cockroach.

Eleven-Step Fly Control Program – This program is designed for controlling multiple types of flies, from larval to adult stages.

Stored Product Pest Control Program – Working hand-in-hand, the customer & technician impose a sanitation and monthly three step correction/prevention program to control this pest and reduce product loss due to infestation.

Rodent Control – Rodents are a high-risk pest group that exposes both clients/customers and the staff to health threats. Our rodent control program includes exclusion, trapping, and sanitation of the rodent-infested space.

Facing a Pest Infestation in Your Hotel? Call Truly Nolen for Commercial Pest Control

Pests in your hotel can wreak havoc on you financially, Truly Nolen Niagara offers a program for prevention and extermination of bed bugs, birds, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and spiders. With near 80 years of tradition, Truly is the largest pest control company. We operate all over Ontario, providing sustainable and reliable pest control. Our expert team of technicians will take every step to eliminate all pests in your hotel, and prevent them from returning in the future.