Niagara Pest Control: How To Protect Your Pets and Home

When it comes to the problems of pest control in Niagara, many homeowners tend to overlook one of the most obvious sources of an infestation of any kind in the home. The one created and brought in by our beloved furry friends, our pets. Members of the family, pets can be the harbingers of doom when it comes to a pest infestation in your home. Ticks, fleas, roaches, and ants are all attracted and brought into your home by cats and dogs, some directly on the animal, while others are brought to your home and attracted to the food and water that is left out for our furry family members. When it comes to pests and our pets, ticks, and fleas are the most common and can be the source of some serious itchy irritation, and a possible sickness or two. Let’s explore some facts about ticks and fleas, as well as some preventative measures that you can take to help stave off any possible infestation brought about by your cats and dogs.

Tick Facts

  • While all ticks enjoy a blood meal, some species have a preferred host, and the American Dog Tick is one such species. It is the most common tick that can be found in and around homes in Canada.
  • After a meal, ticks can grow up to four times their original size, making them much easier to spot and get rid of on your pets.
  • No matter who their chosen host, ticks will generally make their way up to the head and neck area of their victims, attaching themselves to the softer skin areas, such as the behind the ears. Apart from the softer skin, grooming these areas is often harder for the animals.

Flea Facts

  • Unlike a number of other pests, fleas generally remain on their host at all times. They do transfer from host to host via furniture, bedding, etc. and with a vertical leap nearly 150 times their own height, switching hosts is not too much of a challenge.
  • The majority of fleas found by pest control professionals in Niagara are the common cat fleas.
  • Dogs and cats are not the only flea carriers that live in close proximity to us. Raccoons, rats, mice, and even squirrels are the ideal host for a flea, and may even be brought in by the dog as his “catch of the day.”

Proactive Prevention

Although ticks and fleas are not the worst of the worst when it comes to pests, they can still be highly annoying for both you and your pets, and this preventative measure should help keep you both a little safer.

Tidy the Yard – Keeping your yard tidy and clutter-free is going to give pests less place to hide and keep them away from your pets. Furthermore, do not leave any food and left drinks in the yard. Keep it clean.

Clean Your Pets Belongings – Toys, bedding, and anything that is in regular contact with your pets should be kept clean and tidy. Food should also be stored in a sealed container, preferably off the floor.

Inspect Upon Entry – When they come into the house, give your pets a thorough look over, paying special attention during the warmer season when ticks and fleas are in bloom.

Bathe Them Regularly – Keeping your pets clean and shiny and smelling good is a great way to regulate their pest control.

Whether you’re currently dealing with an infestation or looking to take a proactive approach to pest control, Niagara is home to the premier pest control company, Truly Nolen. For 80 years we have been providing homeowners with the peace of mind they deserve. Our experts are highly qualified to keep all members of your family, even the furry ones, free from pests for years to come.