Niagara Pest Control: Rats and Proper Boat Storage

Niagara Pest Control: Rats and Proper Boat Storage

When your boat is not in use and tied up at the dock or in storage for an extended period of time, expect to find some kind of a rodent damage inside. Rats are a common nuisance for people with boats in Niagara Falls where Niagara pest control services are constantly needed to remove and prevent the rats and other wildlife from coming back. Since ropes that are used to secure the boat to the dock help rodents find their way inside, the entrance area needs to be closed off first. If your boat is stored on land, then other kinds of preventive methods are needed. You can place snap straps, mothballs and put solar lights for nighttime. The goal is to store the boat properly and secure all possible entry points by carefully inspecting the boat from all sides. Read on if you want to learn more about the proper ways of storing your boat in order to lessen the risk of damage caused by rodents.

Proper Ways To Store A Docked Boat

If your boat is secured to the dock by a rope, it is very likely that rodents will figure out a way into the boat by following that rope. In this case, try to find ways to close off the entrance and prevent rodents from coming inside. You can block the area around the motoring line by putting rat guards. These plastic discs will form a barrier to prevent rodents from entering. Try making your own rat guard by cutting the bottom of a plastic bottle and then threading the mooring line through that bottom end. Place it so that the open end is facing the dock. If a rat tries to enter the boat by climbing over the bottle, it will spin and slip back down. Sometimes, rats can access the boat from the water. Check if there are any ropes that might lead them into the boat or seal off any other entry point with steel wool.

Storing And Protecting Your Boat On Land

Boats on land are more prone to damage caused by rats and other rodents. That is why you need to start by identifying possible entry points and trying to seal them. Snap straps can be placed on the treads of tires both at the bases and tops. If you have any kind of string or rope hanging from the boat, remove them thoroughly. Add solar rope lights to the treads of tires and hopefully, rats will find the boat too well-lit and obvious to approach. Add some moth balls or dryer sheets in various places inside the boat as an additional prevention method. If you have a power source to plug it in, an ultrasonic device is quite helpful when you have problems with mice inside your boat.

If You Find Rodents In Your Boat, Contact Truly Nolen

When rodents keep finding their way inside your boat over and over again, it is time to contact skilled professionals from a trusted pest control service. Truly Nolen will remove and rodent-proof your boat so that you won’t have to deal with rats and other wildlife ever again. Boats in Niagara Falls are frequently infested by rats that leave quite a lot of damage and huge repair bills. Truly Nolen has ways of getting rid of rats for good – thanks to their complete rodent control program, they are able to trap and remove rodents as well as prevent them from returning. So, if rats are bugging you and are constantly reappearing, simply get in touch with Truly Nolen and solve this problem once and for all.