Niagara Pest Removal: Why Do Bed Bugs Choose to Infest Beds?

Niagara Pest Removal Why do Bed Bugs Choose to Infest Beds

As insect pests go, bed bugs are not particularly dangerous, but they can be a major nuisance. About 50% of all people are sensitive to bed bug saliva, meaning that the bites produce a reaction that causes them to become red, raised, and itchy. Even if you do not react to the bites, it is unpleasant to think of parasites feeding on your blood while you sleep. Bed bugs also breed prodigiously, which is why bed bug removal services in Niagara are necessary to control them. 

Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere in your room, squeezing into tiny crevices. Nevertheless, their name is appropriate because they are most often found in and around your bed, and for good reason. 

Why Do Bed Bugs Choose To Infest Beds?

Bed bugs infest your bed for a simple reason: Convenience. You are their food, and animals of all sizes like to make their homes as close to a food source as possible so they don’t have to go out of their way to eat. Bed bugs are nocturnal; they feed while you are sleeping. Therefore, it makes sense that they make their homes where you are likely to be at night when they are active and looking for a meal. 

Where Are Bed Bugs Most Likely To Hide in Your Mattress?

Bed bugs are about the size and colour of an apple seed. When they haven’t eaten, they are flat, though they become rounder when they fill up with blood. Because of their size and shape, they are able to squeeze into very small crevices to hide and wait for their next meal to come along. Often, that means hiding in the seams of your mattress or its tufts. It could also mean hiding in the box spring or between the box spring and the mattress. 

Because bed bugs are both nocturnal and good at hiding, the signs they leave behind are often more visible than they are. These include reddish stains of bed bug feces left behind on your bedding and shed exoskeletons as young bed bugs grow into adults. 

Are Some Mattress Materials Resistant to Bed Bugs?

It would be nice if you could find a mattress that would repel bed bugs so that you would not have to worry about an infestation. Some denser mattress materials, such as latex or memory foam, are more difficult for bed bugs to burrow down into. Unfortunately, even if they cannot get down into the mattress itself, they may find other places around your bed to hide. In addition to the box spring and the place between the box spring and the mattress, they can find places to hide within the bedframe, including behind the headboard. 

Furthermore, just because the bed is more convenient for them doesn’t mean it is the only place that they can hide. For example, your nightstand probably has plenty of crannies in which bed bugs could hide, and it is close enough to your bed to still provide easy access to their nightly meal. Chairs, sofas, dressers, and vanities are all examples of bedroom furniture in which bed bugs may hide and wait for you to fall asleep so they can feed. Don’t underestimate the ability of bed bugs to crawl into very small spaces; they have even been found inside electrical wall outlets. 

Why Should You Call Truly Nolen for Bed Bug Removal Services in Niagara?

Because bed bugs breed so rapidly and are so adept at hiding, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Our techniques include a high-pressure misting system that is patent-pending to deliver the components into the seams where bed bugs hide so you don’t have to do anything drastic, such as get rid of all your furniture. Find out more about the process we use to remove bed bugs