Rats and Mice: Your Niagara Restaurant’s Unwanted Guests

Rats and Mice Your Niagara Restaurant's Unwanted Guests

As the proud owner of a Niagara restaurant, you probably go to great lengths to ensure its cleanliness to please your guests and comply with local health standards. However, even the cleanest eateries can attract unwanted guests, and few are more troubling than rodents. We at Truly Nolen are standing by with information about these pests, how they can affect your business and solutions for mice removal Niagara

Rat and Mice Habits 

You may spot signs of rodent activity in your restaurant before you see the animals themselves. Rats and mice are nocturnal and usually run their tunnels and paths at night as they forage for food and leave behind clues to their presence, such as: 

  • Droppings 
  • Grease marks along walls 
  • Gnaw marks on wood and along baseboards 

You might also find nesting material behind appliances or in other hidden places. Rodents usually prefer dark, quiet places to raise their babies, so you might see signs in your storeroom or basement. Once you find these clues, you may want to call us in for rat and mice removal Niagara as soon as possible to prevent the damage these rodents can cause and because of how quickly a population can grow if left unchecked. 

The Effects of Rodents in Your Restaurant 

When rats and mice move into your restaurant, the results can be costly. They chew and gnaw materials constantly because their teeth never stop growing, leaving behind unsightly teeth marks. They may also find a way into your storage pantry and tear open food containers, contaminating them with their saliva and droppings. While rats and mice usually avoid humans, your employees may receive a serious bite if they accidentally corner a rat or get too close to a nest with pups inside. Even a frightened or angry mouse can deliver a surprisingly strong bite, so it is best to let our technicians handle the trapping and disposal of rodents. 

Thanks to their sharp teeth, rats and mice can tear into almost any trash bag and forage through the contents, strewing garbage across your service area. Once they find a comfortable spot, rodents are likely to breed quickly, creating a serious issue with cleanliness and your ability to comply with health codes. Failing an inspection can have a severe financial impact on your business, but we can assist you by solving your pest problem and providing you with tips to keep them out of your restaurant in the future. 

How Truly Nolen Can Help 

Our experienced rodent removal technicians can offer you peace of mind as they implement several techniques for ridding your restaurant of unwanted rodents. They will find entry points, seal them off and then trap any rodents already inside the building. They can also seek out and remove any nests, which stops the breeding cycle and rids the area of any foul odours the nests may cause. Once the rodents are removed, our technicians can help keep them out by sealing holes, and pathways rats and mice may be using to gain entrance to your building.

Once your property is secure, there are a few ways you can keep rodents out for good, such as keeping your trash in metal bins with snap-down lids, having your roof inspected for rodent entrance points and securing doorway thresholds. Mice are especially adept at squeezing through small holes and under doorways, and rats can climb trees and make their way onto your roof, where they may find a way inside. 

The presence of rats and mice in your restaurant can seriously affect your employee’s and customers’ health and make inspections difficult. Contact us today for assistance and gain peace of mind for the future of your business.