Oakville Pest Removal: Why Get Rid of Wasps At The First Sign of an Infestation

Oakville Pest Removal: Why Get Rid of Wasps At The First Sign of an Infestation

Spring, summer, and fall bring all sorts of pests out of hiding as they forage for food and fight for survival. While most humans can live without interfering or interacting with many insects and wildlife, wasps seem to be looking for trouble. If you have wasps on your property, call wasp control in Oakville for your and your family’s safety.

There are many wasp sub-species, and not all of them are dangerous. For example, paper wasps and mud daubers are known to be quite docile. Still, many species are aggressive; you want to keep them away from your house and preferably far from your property.

The Dangers of a Wasp Infestation

Many people are allergic to wasp venom. Some people may not know they are allergic because they have never been stung or are rarely stung. The interesting thing about wasp venom is a person may become more sensitive to it after successive stings, possibly developing a severe allergic reaction.

Wasp stings are common, but many people can go their entire lives without experiencing one. The safest way to avoid wasps is to stay clear of nests. A nest on your property is dangerous and increases the odds of volatile encounters. Discover the four reasons to call Truly Nolen when you find or suspect a wasp infestation.

1. Higher Risk of Being Stung

When wasps develop nests on your property, it increases the risks of an attack or sting. The closer you are to a nest, the more aggressive wasps become, so you should always maintain a safe distance of at least 10ft.

If you notice an increase in wasp activity around your home, call a pest control service. Wasps usually stay clear of humans unless there is food around, so when multiple wasps fly close to your house, it’s a possible sign of a nest.

2. Nuisance Eaters

You want to contact Truly Nolen to remove insects from your property because they are nuisance eaters. If they nest nearby, wasps will not allow you to enjoy a backyard BBQ or picnic. They eat anything with sugar and protein, including trash.

Backyard picnics and BBQs only increase interactions with the insects, which increases the odds of being stung. If you have a steady wasp population on your property, keeping food indoors until pest control services can deal with the issue is a good idea.

3. Property Damage

Wasps can also cause significant damage to your home’s structure. If wasps build a nest on your roof or walls, they may cause damage by chewing through material. Also, nests can allow moisture to build up around the house’s structure, causing water and possible mould damage.

4. Aggressive Nature

The species’ typically aggressive nature is the primary concern with wasps nesting on your property. Wasps won’t hesitate to attack someone who comes near their nest, adult or child. The insects are incredibly territorial. Learning how to get rid of wasps and prevent infestations is crucial to keeping your family safe. Professional services, such as Truly Nolen, are the only real option. DIY methods are not effective, with success rates often overstated.

Wasp Control Services for Oakville Residents

While some wasp species are gentle and unlikely to attack or sting humans, most are aggressive and territorial. Unlike bees, wasps do not lose their stingers and may sting repeatedly when threatened or defending their nests. Allergic reactions can become worse with every successive sting. Wasp control in Oakville is the safest option for wasp nest removal. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a removal and learn more about four-season pest control.