Oakville Pest Control: 5 Signs You Have a Mouse Infestation in Your Chimney

Oakville Pest Control: 5 Signs You Have a Mouse Infestation in Your Chimney

Mice are one of the more common rodents to invade a home as they come looking for food, water, and a place to nest. One of the reasons why mice take up residence in chimneys is due to their quietness and lack of light, which make mice feel safe and protected from predators. Since mice are sneaky critters that may elude homeowners and residents not accustomed to dealing with pests, professional services like mice removal in Oakville are the ideal choice for eliminating mice from homes. Here are five signs that you have a mouse infestation in your chimney.

1. You Notice Scratching Noises Before Calling Mice Removal in Oakville

If you hear new and strange scratching noises coming from places such as the chimney, it may be a sign that you have mice running around. Mice may also make noises resembling small feet running around as they collect materials in which to nest. Since rodents are so good at hiding, their sounds may be one of the first signs of their presence.

2. There Are Unusual Smells

Many animals use their scent to mark their territory, and in the case of mice, they use a scent marker that gives off an odour reminiscent of musky ammonia. A musky smell coming from the chimney can indicate a rodent problem, and you might start to wonder how to get rid of mice quickly and easily.

Before attempting to do it yourself, be aware that hiring a professional pest control service is the best way to eliminate a mouse problem. In addition to releasing foul odours, mice can carry diseases such as hantavirus and leptospirosis, and professionals know how to safely handle these creatures in case they carry diseases.

Dead rodents can also produce very noxious odours as their bodies break down. Smells such as sulphur dioxide and methane can be a sign of a decomposing mouse in the chimney. If there is a dead mouse somewhere in your house, chances are there might be live ones running around as well.

3. Residents Notice Droppings

If you notice droppings around your chimney, that is another sign that it might be time to contact a service such as mice removal in Oakville. Appearance-wise, mouse droppings are quite small, cylindrical in shape, pointy on the ends, and have a shiny black colour to them.

4. Nesting Materials Appear

Mice often build nests in locations such as chimneys, so look out for nesting materials around that area. Common nesting materials include:

  • Shredded newspapers and magazines
  • Stuffing from chair and couch cushions
  • Ripped pieces of cloth
  • Grass, leaves, twigs, wool, and other natural items

Evidence of mice building a nest could mean that you will soon have an even bigger problem on your hands, so take steps to find a solution as soon as possible.

5. Residents See Holes Around the Chimney

Mice need to constantly chew on items so that their teeth do not grow too long. Because of this, it is common to see teeth marks from gnawing when you have a rodent invasion. The area around your fireplace consisting of bricks and wood could be one location where your resident mice might choose to chew and keep their teeth in check.

Hiring Mice Removal in Oakville

There are many signs that you might have a mouse infestation in your chimney, including hearing scratching noises, smelling foul odours, and seeing droppings. If you notice any of these signs and want to hire the best mice pest control, look no further than Truly Nolen Canada. Contact us today to begin the process of mice removal in Oakville.