Richmond Hill Pest Control: Why You Need Pest Control for Rats

Richmond Hill Pest Control: Why You Need Pest Control for Rats

Rats are agile little creatures with flexible skeletons. An adult rat can squeeze through an opening of only 1 cm. Many houses and buildings have tiny cracks and gaps that homeowners may overlook on a regular basis, but that is all a rat needs to enter and cause problems for families. These problems require rodent control in Richmond Hill to resolve.

Truly Nolen, a service for rat removal near me, cannot stress the importance of professional remediation enough. Too many homeowners forego professional assistance, choosing DIY methods instead. DIY is appealing to many people because they believe it is more affordable, but many spend tremendous sums trying to remediate a rodent problem with traps, poisons, and chemicals that are ineffective and dangerous to their families. Discover why professional methods are the best way to get rid of rats over DIY.

The Importance of Rat Removal in Richmond Hill

Professionals know DIY methods are ineffective, and they know why. Rats are not an easy pest to get rid of. Rats are persistent and formidable creatures. The animal has three specific qualities that make it ill-suited to DIY removal and treatment.

1. Rats Reproduce Quickly

When a homeowner spots a rat in their home or around their property, it is only a piece of a larger problem. Rats reproduce quickly. A female rat can produce up to 56 pups in a year. Those pups typically reach sexual maturity within five to eight weeks. Since colonies usually have multiple breeding females, rat populations can quickly reach hundreds or thousands without immediate intervention.

Depending on the species, a rat may reproduce multiple times per year. Each litter may contain between four and seven pups.

2. Rats Cause Significant Damage to Property

Even if homeowners notice and hire rodent control in Richmond Hill when an infestation is minor, rats can cause significant property damage. Like other rodents, rats need to chew frequently to file down their teeth, which do not stop growing.

Rats will chew on structural beams, wires, boxes, and anything suitable to file their teeth. A colony of rats can quickly become destructive and possibly create fire hazards.

Beyond chewing, rats urinate and defecate all over. One of the first clues of an infestation is the sudden appearance of an ammonia odour. Urine and feces can damage building materials and pose a health risk to families.

3. Rats Can Spread Diseases and Contaminate Food

Like most wild animals and rodents, rats may carry several diseases and bacteria, which can transmit through saliva, feces, and urine. A person does not have to come into direct contact with a rat or its droppings to contract an illness or infection. Rats can also pass bacteria along to people by contaminating food and surfaces.

When rats run along their routes, they may walk through old urine or droppings. Anything that ends up on their paws will also end up on the surfaces and items they walk across or handle. Rats may even transmit bacteria from sources other than themselves. For example, they may walk across garbage or toilets, transferring those germs to counters, floors, and food.

Truly Nolen Canada: Rat Removal in Richmond Hill

Professional pest control services protect your property, person, and budget. Pest control technicians have the tools, knowledge, and experience to remove rodent colonies and ensure your home is sealed from future threats.

If you are in need of rat removal services, contact Truly Nolen Canada and schedule an in-home inspection. The service will send out a team to assess your property and home, looking for signs of a colony or infestation. The team will present homeowners with its findings and offer services to resolve the problem, including pest removal and property cleaning.