3 Reasons To Expect Pests This Summer In Toronto

3 Reasons To Expect Pests This Summer In Toronto

Summer is a beautiful time of year, the leaves and grass are green, and the temperature encourages outdoor activity. Unfortunately, human beings are not the only species that love warmer weather. The summer is a more active time for almost every living thing, and it is one of the most active seasons for pest control in Toronto.

Pests come out from their winter nests and slumber to roam and build once again. Ants begin expanding their colonies, mice go out in search of new homes and food sources, and life is once again in full swing when the summer season hits. Still, many homeowners wonder why the season creates such an environmental and biological shift.

1. Temperature

While the summer can be hot, it is more conducive to activity. Animals and insects have more energy in the warmer months. During the colder seasons, animals try to conserve energy and slow down to contain natural heat and fat. In the early days of fall, many wildlife species spend their days trying to gain weight to establish natural insulation.

Summer is only another season, but it represents a time to prepare for the months to come. Therefore, animals burn more energy and forage for more food to ensure their survival in the cold future seasons. Additionally, the warmer weather represents a time to reproduce, encouraging nesting behaviours.

2. Moisture

During the summer, wildlife is not at a loss for moisture. From rain to running streams, animals and all sorts of creatures have access to water. The spring, fall, and winter are not always so generous with moisture, so creatures must find alternative water sources, which they often find in buildings and residential properties.

Still, while an animal may have easy access to water outside of your home, that does not mean they will not seek out your property for shelter or food. People must be aware that wildlife, even small insects, are always searching for an abundant supply of food, water, and shelter. In many cases, a residential property will provide all of the necessities for pests.

3. Daylight

The summer season is known for its long days. In many areas, the sun does not entirely set until 9 pm or later, especially during peak season. The daylight is welcome for most species. The sun provides more energy and more time to perform necessary and routine tasks. Primarily, longer days or more daylight provide pests more time to feed and take advantage of the environment around them. Unfortunately, people also spend more time outdoors during the summer, resulting in common and sometimes painful interactions, like bites and stings. 

You should be able to enjoy your summer without pain or interference. While some interactions with nature are expected, there are ways to protect your property against nuisance activity. When you have a backyard picnic or BBQ, you and your friends should be able to eat and enjoy without mosquitos, flies, spiders, and ants making the event uncomfortable. Additionally, you should be able to use your shed and other structures on your property without walking through webs or into nests. The summer should be a safe and happy time to enjoy the outdoors and your property in peace.

Summertime is a rebirth, a time for all living things to enjoy the sunlight and warmth. Still, not all critters are welcome on your property, especially when they can be a nuisance or distract from pleasant afternoon gatherings. If you need residential pest control services in the Toronto area, contact Truly Nolen Canada, and schedule a property assessment. The company will send a qualified technician to inspect the site and offer solutions.