Toronto Pest Control: Can A Mouse Infestation Return?

Mouse Infestation

It is a frustrating experience when you have called for mice removal services, the professionals do their job and leave, and then the mice they were supposed to eradicate show up again. Can a mouse infestation return? Yes! What are some things you can do to prevent this from happening? Read more below. 

1. Make Sure All Windows Are Closed

Mice are small, but they are smart! If your windows are open, they will crawl from the ground, up the wall, and make their home in your house again. Even if the window is cracked 1/4 of an inch, a mouse can easily wriggle its way underneath the window pane. Most mice can fit through openings no bigger than a dime. Second-story windows are not safe either. A mouse can use its sharp claws to climb up brick walls. It can also jump from a tree branch that may be adjacent to your open window.

2. Use Airtight Packaging for All Foods

Mice have a keen sense of smell. If they are near your house and can smell open food containers, they will follow their nose to find a way inside. Using glass jars, sealed zipper bags, and plasticware with a well-fitting lid will keep the aromas from escaping and cause you to fork out another payment for mice control in Toronto

3. Use a Pest-proof Bird Feeder in Your Yard

If a mouse can access seeds and nuts that are meant for the birds, it keeps it close to your house. When this is happening, it’s only a matter of time before it finds another way inside. A pest-proof bird feeder contains a baffle, which is a type of shield that prevents critters like mice and squirrels from accessing your bird feeder. If your bird feeder is on a pole, install a 360-degree wraparound baffle underneath the feeder itself. These are made of slick metal and a mouse’s claws will not be able to get traction. 

If your bird feeder is hanging from a tree, find a baffle that works like a lampshade on top of the feeder. When the mouse tries to access the food from a nearby branch, it will simply slide off the top and not be able to return. It will have to look for food elsewhere. If your property is otherwise secured, it will migrate in the opposite direction from your house. 

4. Keep Pet Food Stored Properly

Mice love an easy meal. If your pet’s food is left unattended on your porch or patio, or if there is an unsecured doggy door with food inside nearby, a mouse will easily find it. Once they are inside where it is warm and safe, they will look around for other sources of food. The most secure pet food containers have a plastic latch or well-fitting lid with a rubber seal. Picking up and safely storing your pet’s food when it is not actively eating is a solid strategy for keeping mice away. 

Professional Mice Removal Services in Toronto

Truly Nolen has decades of experience in ensuring reliable pest control in Toronto. After we identify and remove the existing mice, we will begin a long-term strategy that includes: 

  • Sealing entry points. 
  • Removing popular nesting areas.
  • Monitor your property for signs of new mice.

Schedule an inspection with our team to begin taking advantage of our Four Seasons Pest Removal Program. We know that rodent behaviour changes throughout the year, and we have developed strategies that keep mice from becoming accustomed to and resistant to treatment. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee will give you peace of mind.