Toronto Pest Control: Enjoy a Pest-Free Winter With These Tips

Toronto Pest Control: Enjoy a Pest-Free Winter With These Tips

When the weather outside is cold in the winter, many people welcome family and friends inside their homes for festive celebrations. However, many pests are also looking for shelter during this time of year and, unless you are vigilant, you could accidentally attract some unwanted guests. Professional pest control in Toronto can help you cope with a winter infestation, but there are also some simple things you can do to keep your home free from pests this winter.

Seal Your Doors and Windows

You should inspect your house frequently for any type of crack, gap, or hole that pests could use to get into your home. In particular, you should pay attention to the areas around your doors and windows. A door may have a gap underneath it that pests could fit through, and weather-stripping or sealant around windows can wear out over time. Sealing your doors and windows also helps to prevent drafts and air leaks to make your home more energy efficient.

Buy Firewood Locally and Store It Outside

Invasive pests that have a detrimental effect on local wildlife may travel from place to place among logs used for firewood. Make sure any firewood you use is locally sourced. Keep firewood outside until you are ready to burn it. Pests in firewood are likely dormant to cope with the cold winter weather. However, the warm temperatures inside could revive them.

Don’t store your firewood right next to the house. If there are pests in your woodpile, this makes it easier for them to make their way indoors. Allow at least one foot between the woodpile and the house, and store the firewood up off the ground to make it harder for pests to get into it.

Remove Crumbs From Counters and Tables

If you host big family gatherings during the winter, you are likely to have large meals that leave lots of crumbs behind. A small crumb can be a feast in itself for an insect or a mouse. Clean up any crumbs from the counter after you are finished cooking and from the table after everyone is finished eating. Be vigilant about cleaning up after every meal.

Vacuum Floors Often

Crumbs from big meals don’t confine themselves to counters and tabletops. Sometimes they fall all the way to the floor. This is more likely if your kitchen or dining room table can’t accommodate all your guests so you serve food in the living room instead. Vacuuming is effective at removing these crumbs, especially in carpeted rooms that you can’t sweep very efficiently. Don’t assume that your carpet is clean just because you can’t see any dirt or debris; small crumbs may sink in deep among the carpet’s fibres.

Store Food in Airtight Containers

When food is stored in cardboard boxes or plastic bags, pests can locate it by smell and then chew through the container to reach the food. Storing food, including pet food, in airtight containers helps to avoid attracting pets. Ideally, the containers should also be made out of materials such as glass or metal that pests such as rodents cannot chew through.

If you are hosting large gatherings over the holidays, you may make more food than you usually would. It may be tempting to store the excess on the counters, but try to find other storage places, such as the refrigerator or a breadbox, in which to put it.

Hire Truly Nolen for Pest Control in Toronto

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