Toronto Pest Control: Preventing Carpenter Ants From Getting to the Roof

Toronto Pest Control Preventing Carpenter Ants From Getting to the Roof

A pest problem in your home or office is always a frustrating thing to deal with. This stress is only compounded when the critters take residence in a hard-to-reach location, such as a crawlspace, attic, or roof.

Carpenter ants tend to be a little over half an inch long, with three body segments, and are often mistaken for termites. Businesses that specialize in carpenter ant removal in Toronto can safely help remove ants and other pests from your roof. However, it is best to prevent these invasions from happening in the first place. Here are some ways that you can prevent pests from accessing your roof. 

Keep the Area Clean

The main things that pests are after when they see a building, other than a safe place to sleep or nest, are food and water. Because they are so small, ants will eat tiny particles of debris that might not even be noticeable to you. Carpenter ants in particular tend to eat liquids made from other insects and sweets such as honey, sugar, and syrup. This is why it is crucial to keep your roof clean and free of other insects, as well as material such as sap that might have fallen on your roof from a nearby tree. 

As well as looking at the surface of the roof, make sure that there is no water or debris accumulating under the shingles or in the gutter. In addition, clear off any leaves or tree branches from the roof as well, since ants like to hide under these. If you are unable to access your roof safely, it might be best to hire an insured professional who is familiar with the job of cleaning and fixing roofs. Professionals who work for pest control services are also qualified to do this job. 

Caulk and Spray

Caulk is a substance that is used to fill in cracks, gaps, and holes around the house. For example, if you notice any holes that may make it easier for ants to make themselves at home on your roof, caulk the holes to ensure that nothing can pass through. You may also consider using ant or other pest control spray to discourage ants from trying to climb to the roof. Spray this along the base of your house and other points of entry to your roof. 

Identify the Source

Carpenter ants do not just simply appear on the roof unless another ant laid eggs there. Try to identify where the ants are coming from in the first place. Often, ants follow each other in a long trail, which should be fairly easy to locate if you search closely. If you have a garbage can or bowls of pet food sitting outside near your home, check and see if ants are using these locations as a starting point. Carpenter ants could be grabbing food before making their way to a higher location for safety. Also check your chimney, attic, and walls, especially if you have cracks in your walls, as ants use these places to hide. 

Determining where the nests are around your home can be very difficult to figure out and this is where our trained technicians at Truly Nolen in Toronto are here to help. The Four Seasons Pest Control program that we offer will help prevent carpenter ant infestations throughout the year.

What Else Should I Know? 

After you identify and eliminate a carpenter ant infestation, check for any damage to your roof that was caused by the pests. You will want to repair this damage as soon as possible before the damage causes things such as leaks and further structural damage to your home. 

If you currently have a pest control problem or want to prevent one in the future, contact Truly Nolen today. We safely and efficiently handle infestations of many different pests, including carpenter ants, spiders, mice, wasps, and more.