Toronto Pest Removal: Why Are Carpenter Ants On My Roof?

Why Are Carpenter Ants On My Roof

While many types of pests are nuisances and can cause minor damage to the structure of your home, a carpenter ant infestation can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage. Carpenter ants burrow deep into wood, and while they don’t consume the material like termites, they can significantly weaken the structure of a house by boring tunnels through the wood. One of the most dangerous places to have carpenter ants is your roof. Here’s what you need to know about carpenter ants and how they can damage your roof.

What Attracts Carpenter Ants to Roofs?

Any type of wet wood attracts carpenter ants. A leaky roof is a prime environment for the pests because they can easily tunnel through wet wood and find places to nest. They are commonly found around skylights, but unless you see ants falling from the ceiling, you probably won’t know that you have an infestation until you hire a roofer or contractor to inspect the integrity of your roof.

Another important thing to remember is that carpenter ants, like other ant species, are attracted to sweet and sugary foods. Once the pests nest in your roof, they will start exploring your house as they search for sustenance. If you don’t keep your kitchen clean of crumbs and all of your food in airtight containers, the ants will have easy access to food, which makes your home a more appealing environment to them.

Is It Dangerous for Them to Be On Your Roof?

Carpenter ants aren’t dangerous to humans, but they can wreak havoc on your home’s structure in a short period of time. They are attracted to wet wood, so if you find them on your roof, there is probably a leak in the structure. A colony of carpenter ants can weaken the roof and even cause it to cave in if they are not removed quickly.

What Can You Do To Prevent Them From Accessing Your Roof?

The best way to deter carpenter ants from your roof is to prevent to wood from getting soft and wet. Since your roof is constantly exposed to the elements and designed to keep the interior of your house dry, you should expect your roof to accumulate some moisture, but having it examined by a professional on a regular basis is important. A roofer or contractor can determine if your roof needs to be replaced before the wood becomes soft enough to attract carpenter ants. Keeping your kitchen clean is also helpful for making your house less hospitable for the pests.

How Can Truly Nolen Help With Carpenter Ant Removal in Toronto?

Getting rid of a carpenter ant infestation in Toronto is tricky because the pests usually have multiple nests. In addition to the main colony, there are often several satellite nests that house ants. The colony usually consists of thousands of pests, and if you fail to remove even a few ants, you will quickly end up where you started. It’s best to contact a professional for pest removal immediately when you find carpenter ants on your roof, and for residents of Toronto, Truly Nolen is here to help.

Our pest control experts have years of experience dealing with carpenter ant infestations. We identify all of the nests on your property and use top-of-the-line chemicals so we can be sure we get rid of all the pests. We can also point out weaknesses in your pest control prevention plan to help keep the issue from recurring.

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Truly Nolen Canada is here to help Toronto residents who need pest control services. If you have carpenter ants on your roof despite your best efforts to prevent them, contact us today to schedule an appointment for pest removal.