Benefits of Commercial Warehouse Pest Control Services in Waterloo

Benefits of Commercial Warehouse Pest Control Services in Waterloo

If you are involved in manufacturing or distribution, chances are that you have a warehouse where you store either the raw materials that you use in manufacturing or the finished products that are ready for sale. There are many reasons why pests may be attracted to your warehouse. They may need shelter from predators or unfavourable weather conditions. Your products or raw materials may consist of ingredients they can eat. Warehouses can attract insects, and the spiders that feed on them may follow close behind. Whatever the reason that pests are attracted to your warehouse, here are some ways that commercial pest control services in Waterloo can benefit you.

1. Safety

As an employer, you have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your employees. As a manufacturer or distributor, you also have a responsibility to provide safe products to consumers. In either case, if you fail to meet safety standards, you could be held legally liable to anyone who comes to harm as a result of your negligence.

Pests can compromise the safety of your workplace. Roaches, rodents, and ants can spread disease. Rodents can chew on electrical wires, creating a fire hazard. Fire is of particular concern if your products or raw materials are flammable, as the flames could spread through your facility quickly. Depending on the materials used in the framework of the warehouse building, carpenter ants could compromise its structural integrity. Carpenter ants hollow out tunnels in wood to build nests, so if your warehouse’s framework is made of wood, they can cause extensive damage over time.

Keeping your workers safe helps them to be more productive for you. Furthermore, if you spend a lot of time working in the warehouse, keeping it safe is also in your interest.

2. Cost Efficiency

A pest infestation can damage your product in several different ways. Pests could damage or destroy your products or raw materials by eating them, chewing on them, or making nests in them. They could contaminate finished products or raw materials with their feces, making them unfit for consumers. If your stock is damaged or destroyed by a pest infestation, you have to dispose of it and then either order or produce more. This can be devastating for your bottom line as you don’t earn any profit on the stock you have to dispose of. Commercial pest services can protect your stock, thus preserving your profits.

3. Reputation

If you have a problem with a pest infestation in your warehouse, this information will likely get out to the public through reports by consumers or idle gossip by employees. In the age of social media, news travels fast and often gets blown out of proportion. You may never recover from the damage done to your reputation.

Even if you voluntarily recall products that suffer pest damage, consumers won’t remember you as the company that did the right thing to protect the public. Instead, they’ll remember you as the company that neglected to prevent an infestation in the first place. Proactive pest control helps to prevent infestations and therefore avoid irreparable reputational damage to you and your company.

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Pest Control Services in Waterloo From Truly Nolen

We understand that different types of businesses have different needs. Therefore, we offer a wide range of pest control services tailored to address specific types of pests or particular types of businesses. As a warehouse owner, you would probably benefit from our Stored Product Pest Program, but we work with you and listen to your concerns to create an individualized solution to meet your needs. Find out more about how we can resolve a current infestation in your warehouse or prevent one from even happening through commercial pest control services.