Top 3 Places You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs In Waterloo

Top 3 Places You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs In Waterloo!

Bed bugs are like a terrible trend. Save for a few random incidences, they will all but disappear for years and then resurface with a vengeance once most people have all but forgotten that they once terrorized the landscape. Though this may seem like an inadequate comparison, consider that just 25% of pest control companies treated for bed bugs in 2014. However, in 2018, that percentage jumped to 97%. That said, though the prevalence of bed bugs changes from year to year, what does not change is where people acquire them from.

From hotels and nursing homes to libraries and public transportation, there are a few places you can visit that may increase your odds of bringing home unwanted visitors. If bed bugs should attach themselves to you at one of these places, it is important that you know who to contact for immediate and effective bed bug removal in Waterloo.

3 Places Where Bed Bugs Like To Hide

The truth is that you can pick up bed bugs from just about anywhere, from your place of work to a family gathering. However, there are certain places where bed bugs like to hang out more than others.


Any place to which several households bring their linens for cleaning carries an increased risk for housing bed bugs. Throw into the equation the fact that many people visit laundromats for the express purpose of trying to get rid of bed bugs, and it’s easy to see why laundromats top the list for places where you will most likely catch the critters.

If you don’t have a washer and dryer of your own, you may not be able to avoid the laundromat entirely. However, you can reduce your risk of bringing home, unwanted guests, by using the highest heat setting possible on the dryer, folding your clothes either away from other patrons or at home, and making sure not to mix your clothes in with those of others.


Most people like to think that hotels take great strides to prevent pest infestations of all kinds, including bed bugs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Though it is true that single-family homes are more likely to be infested than hotels, an average of 68% of bed bug reports come from hotel managers and owners. These cases are spread evenly across all types of hotels, including dingy motels and five-star resorts.

To prevent carrying bed bugs from your temporary lodgings to your home, there are a few simple steps you can take. First and foremost, inspect your room before you sit on the beds or bust out your belongings. Check under the sheets, on and around the mattresses, on the linens and around the furniture for signs of an infestation. If you find evidence of bed bugs, report it immediately to the staff and request a new room. Regardless of what you find, keep your luggage either on the luggage rack or in the bathroom — the two places that bed bugs are least likely to hang out. Inspect your suitcase when you get home, and immediately throw your travel clothes into the dryer for 30 minutes.

Public Transportation

Most people assume that bed bugs are stationary creatures that hang out on beds and other home furnishings. Unfortunately, they, like humans, like to travel. Bed bugs can attach themselves to bags, clothing and accessories and then disembark wherever they see fit. This may include the seats of public transportation or a nearby passenger, such as you.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Bed Bug Removal in Waterloo

If you brought bed bugs home with you from your local laundromat, a hotel or resort, or your daily commute, contact a bed bug removal professional sooner rather than later. The earlier you take steps to eradicate the problem, the easier it will be to complete the job. Schedule a free estimate for bed bug removal in Waterloo with Truly Nolen today.