Waterloo Pest Control: How to Prevent Ants in your Garage

Waterloo Pest Control How to Prevent Ants in your Garage

Seeing an ant in your home or somewhere else on your property usually means there are many more coming. Ants are some of the most stubborn pests to find in your home. They are often drawn to the garage and can cause problems or damage. Truly Nolen Canada is here to help with carpenter ant pest control and more. Here are tips to keep them out of your garage.

Problems With an Ant Infestation in the Garage

Many garages aren’t part of a homeowner’s main living space, but having ants in this space can still wreak havoc on your property and routine. Whenever there is an ant infestation, you should get a pro to help. A garage infestation could cause more problems.

Damage to Your Property

First, having ants in your garage could cause property damage. Some garages are used for the storage of items such as sports equipment, holiday decor, clothing, toys and chemicals. If ants get into storage boxes or containers with chemicals or other materials, they could contaminate them or cause significant damage.

Risk of a Larger Infestation

When you have an active ant problem in your garage, there is always the risk that the ants will spread to other areas of your home, especially if your garage is attached. Ants typically go for spaces that have food, so at some point, they may move to your kitchen.

Problems With Ant Bites

Ants may also bite and leave welts or other marks on some people who are allergic or sensitive to them. Some species of ants are more aggressive than others and can leave behind a painful bite.

Start With Prevention

The key to effective pest control in Waterloo for ants is prevention. Homeowners should take steps to avoid ant issues by making their garage less appealing to these insects.

Declutter the Garage

If your garage is messy, clean it up and declutter. Ants love disorganized spaces full of random materials and items that aren’t used very often. A cluttered, messy garage may be hiding a serious ant problem. A clean, organized garage makes it harder for pests to hide.

Avoid Storing Food

Next, clear out any food that is stored in the garage, such as bulk items or pet food. Keep food indoors in the basement or pantry to keep ants and other bugs away. Ants have a powerful sense of smell that can lead them to discarded food or crumbs.

Sweep Out the Garage Regularly

Another idea is to regularly sweep out or hose down the garage floor. Garages may accumulate debris on the floor each day that could lead to ants. Keep the floor neat and clean to prevent a new infestation.

Get Rid of Ant Pheromone Trails

If you have an active ant infestation, you have to know ant biological behaviour to truly eliminate them. Our team removes the ants’ pheromone trails to prevent them from coming back to the same spot. The pheromone trail is the scent that forces ants to walk in a line when they are going from place to place. Removing this trail helps keep them from returning.

Contact a Pro With Expertise in Carpenter Ant Pest Control

The most important factor in keeping ants out of your garage is using a professional, such as Truly Nolen. Many homeowners try to eliminate an ant colony themselves and struggle to get rid of them completely. We can come out and inspect the property and determine which species of ant you have in your home. Then, we can use our expert knowledge to plan a removal strategy.

If you have ants in your home or your garage, you have to act quickly so the infestation doesn’t spread and cause more aggravation and stress. Contact Truly Nolen Canada for ant pest control right away.