Waterloo Pest Control: Keeping Mice Out Of Your Window Wells

Waterloo Pest Control Keeping Mice Out Of Your Window Wells

If you have subgrade windows in the basement of your home, you probably also have window wells. A window well is essentially a crescent-shaped hole dug in front of the window with a shell, typically made of ribbed plastic or metal, installed along the inside of the hole. This creates a barrier between the window and the ground and prevents loose dirt from falling into the hole.

The term “window well” can refer to either the hole, the shell or the combination of the two. The main purpose of a window well is to allow light into the basement. If the basement is used as a living space, you may be required to make both the window and the well to allow egress. In other words, you have to be able to exit the home through the window and crawl out of the window well in case of an emergency. 

Why Is It Important To Keep Mice Out of Your Window Wells?

The most important reason to keep mice out of your window wells is that from there, it is only one step for them to get out of your basement. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, and if they find a hole that is not quite big enough, they may be able to widen it by gnawing with their sharp, ever-growing teeth. Once they get into your home, you need mice removal in Waterloo to get rid of them as they can cause extensive property damage. 

However, mice in your window wells can cause problems even if they do not get into your home. Mouse excrement can spread diseases, and if the mice urinate and defecate in the window well, pathogens may make their way inside even if the mice do not. Mice may die in the window wells, which can produce a powerful stench that could permeate your home. A mouse trapped in a window well could also attract predators such as snakes that could become pests in their own right. 

How Can You Prevent Mice From Getting Into Your Window Wells?

One of the most effective ways to prevent mice from getting into your window wells is to have a cover installed. Window well covers can be made out of a metal grate or a transparent plastic sheet. The idea is to present a barrier that mice cannot get through while still allowing light to shine through the window. Window well covers are custom built and designed to fit securely and completely over your windows with no gaps for mice to get through. Covers made from synthetic sheeting are thermoplastic, meaning that they are heated to make them malleable enough to shape and then harden when they are cool. 

If you have a cover over an egress window, you need to be able to open it quickly from the inside so that you can get out in case of an emergency. However, it still needs to be secure from the outside so that mice and other unwanted visitors cannot get in. Some window well covers come with quick-release locks that can only be opened from the inside, specifically for this purpose. 

To provide an extra layer of protection against mice, you should use sealant to close off gaps around your windows as well as any other holes or cracks in the exterior of your home. Caulk may not be an effective sealant against mice as it is a porous material that they may be able to chew through. A tougher, more abrasive material, such as steel wool, may be more effective. 

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