Waterloo Pest Control: Prevent Pests In Your Dormitory

Waterloo Pest Control Prevent Pests In Your Dormitory! (1)

Dormitories are essential for student life. The facilities act as a student’s home away from home. Unfortunately, not all students have the best habits when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. A lack of cleanliness from either a student or property management perspective can lead to a need for commercial pest control services in Waterloo.

It is not uncommon for dormitories to experience ant, spider, rodent, and other animal problems. If these problems persist or go unnoticed, they can result in a significant expense. Therefore, it is crucial to have a plan in place in the event of infestations or unwanted furry intruders. In fact, it is often wise to discuss pest control strategies to prevent significant problems later. There are at least three practical strategies to apply at dormitories and reduce the risks of future expenses.

1. Teach Students How To Prevent Infestations

As an academic institution, the first line of defence is always education. When students are moving into the dormitories, make it a point to have a meeting with all residents to discuss cleanliness responsibilities. You can hand out printouts of basic chores, like vacuuming, taking out the trash, etc. If every student commits to doing the chores required in their rooms, it is relatively easy for an institution to remain pest-free or at least control the level of risk and exposure.

Students need to realize that bugs, insects, and other pests are attracted to more than just crumbs and leftovers. A garbage can that is overflowing is an attractive space to hide and find food. A pile of dirty laundry can also act as shelter, as can an overstuffed closet or cluttered space under the bed. The best pest prevention is cleanliness and organization.

2. Maintain a Debris-Free Perimeter

Pest prevention at a dorm is not only the responsibility of students. The maintenance and landscaping staff also play a vital role in eliminating problems before they become significant issues. The immediate perimeter of the building should be clear of vegetation and other plants. Plants and vegetation equate to food for many pests. Additionally, vegetation can also provide shelter.

Landscapers should maintain an adequate grass height and keep all plants several feet away from the building’s structure. Additionally, they should pick up and properly dispose of any yard debris.

Maintenance needs to stay on top of cleaning schedules. They need to ensure that floors are vacuumed, mopped, and swept regularly. Additionally, they need to keep on top of emptying waste bins and keeping all items correctly stored.

3. Hire a Professional Pest Removal Company

Sometimes, pests find their way inside a dormitory despite a university’s best efforts. When this happens, DIY solutions are not going to be enough. You will need to secure the services of a professional pest control company. The company will send out licensed technicians to assess the property and determine the extent of the problem. After their initial inspection, the technicians can offer remediation services to remove the pests and restore order to the facility.

You can hire a pest control company before you suspect an infestation. The company can send a qualified representative to assess your property and locate any potential vulnerabilities. The expert can offer opinions about preventative measures and might provide solutions and services to resolve any concerns.

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