Waterloo Pest Control: 4 Things You May Not Have Known About Bed Bugs

Waterloo Pest Control 4 Things You May Not Have Known About Bed Bugs

You may think that bed bugs only exist in nursery rhymes, but they are all too real. Dating back to prehistoric times, bed bugs had almost disappeared by the end of the 20th century. However, early in the 21st century, bed bugs made a big comeback for reasons that are not entirely clear. In case of an infestation, how to get rid of bed bugs is only one of many things that you need to learn. 

Truly Nolen can provide some guidance as to the behaviours of these pests and how they can help with bed bug removal in Waterloo. Here are some interesting and useful things that you might not know about bed bugs.

1. Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly

The lifespan of an adult female bed bug is only about three or four months. Nevertheless, in that time, a single bed bug can lay between 200 and 250 eggs or approximately 50 eggs per month. Once a bed bug egg hatches, it will grow into an adult, and therefore be ready to reproduce, in approximately one month. You can probably see how an infestation can increase quickly and why it is better to act quickly to stop it.

2. They Infest More Than Just Beds

Bed bugs feed on human hosts while the latter is sleeping; therefore, beds are convenient places for parasites to hide during the day. However, any other piece of furniture in the bedroom, such as chairs, vanities, or dressers, could provide adequate hiding places for bed bugs.

Furthermore, bed bugs do not have to hide in furniture during the day. They are tiny and, if they haven’t eaten for a while, their bodies are flat. This allows them to squeeze into any small crevice in or around the bedroom, such as wall voids or floor vents.

3. Bed Bug Bites Don’t Always Cause Symptoms

Approximately 30% of the human population is sensitive to bed bug saliva and reacts to bed bug bites. Symptoms can include sensations of itching and burning, as well as redness or swelling of the bite sites and possibly fluid-filled blisters. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be mistaken for the bites of other parasites, such as mosquitoes, mites, or fleas. The red rash could also be misdiagnosed as a viral infection, such as chickenpox.

Furthermore, only about one-third of the population experiences symptoms such as these. The remaining 70% may experience no symptoms at all. This combined with the fact that bed bugs are hard to see and adept at hiding means that an infestation could go undetected for some time. However, even if you do not react to bed bug bites, you may notice other signs of their presence.

For example, you may notice staining of your bedding, either from your blood or the bed bugs’ feces. You may also notice the shed exoskeletons left behind as young bed bugs grow to adults; these are transparent and may be yellowish in colour. You may detect an unusual musty odour in your bedroom from the chemicals that bed bugs secrete for communication purposes. You may also see bed bug eggs or egg shells but due to their small size, approximately 1 mm long, these are difficult to see.

4. They Find You by Your Exhalation

Bed bugs have the ability to detect carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of your room. When you breathe out, you exhale carbon dioxide; this attracts bed bugs, helping them to locate their next meal. Your sleep follows a pattern of several different cycles, and when you are in your deepest sleep cycle, your breathing is heavier than during other parts of the night. This means that bed bugs are most attracted to you when you are sleeping most deeply and therefore most difficult to wake up.

Why You Should Hire Truly Nolen for Bed Bug Removal in Waterloo

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