Mice Causing Pest Control Problems in Your Home?

With the fall and winter conditions approaching, the temperature starts to dip off, the leaves start their inevitable journey to the ground, and the summer pests are seeking a safe place to hibernate. Well, most of them are anyway. Mice do not hibernate, and although the cold temperatures may slow them down a little, these little critters are still plenty active during the cold winter months. Constantly on the lookout for their favourite grasses and grains, mice will go to great lengths to seek out food in the winter. This makes your home the ideal scavenging ground and warm place to cozy up for the winter. Your best bet against any mouse problem that you may encounter is expert residential pest control services. Here are some of the tell-tale signs your home may be under siege.

Tell Tale Signs of Mice

The usual suspicions of mice more often than not begin with the nocturnal scratching and gnawing, accompanied by the familiar scurrying and rustling noises in and around the house. This is a surefire sign that you have a mouse problem and should be keeping your eyes open for more signs of a mice infestation:

  • Chocolate sprinkle-like droppings and area’s stained or smelling of urine.
  • Shredded materials lying around the home.
  • Evidence of chewing on boxes, plastic containers, clothing, and other items

Mice in your home can cause some serious damage to your property and can pose a health risk to your family. Mice are known disease carriers, and getting rid of them should be your priority number one.

Mouse Prevention Tips and Tactics

While there are no fool-proof methods for deterring and keeping mice out of your home, there are some measures that you can take to reduce the likelihood of you experiencing a mouse infestation.

Keep the kitchen clean – Although this is not going to repel mice, it will make your kitchen less attractive to them.

Seal off entry points – Loose gaps around your windows and doors, around drain pipes and utility boxes, and any openings around the foundation of your home should be sealed properly.

Remove clutter and garden mess – Removing piles of clutter both in the garden and around the home are going to give mice fewer places to hide.

Truly Nolen: Your Rodent Removal Professionals

Truly Nolen rate among the top residential pest removal services in Canada, and as such, have mastered the art of pest eradication through their masterfully crafted techniques.

Exclusion: Mouse-proofing your home is the start of the process, attempting to minimize the entry points into your home, effectively deterring any unwanted house guests.

Trapping: As your family’s safety is priority number one, Truly Nolen ensures the safe and swift removal of any rodent caught on your property. Truly Nolen technicians will guarantee that no inherently hazardous poisons are relied on during the process.

Vector Control: Your Truly Nolen technician will provide you with a thorough treatment for the removal of all peripheral pests attached to rats and mice. These include ticks and fleas, mites, and roaches.

When you find you are having trouble with mice and rats in your home Truly Nolen residential pest control services has got your back. Get in touch with us today to keep your home safe for years to come.