Think Like a Bug and Achieve Effective Bug Control

Thinking like a bug can positively contribute to effective and efficient bed bug control. A little something that many homeowners yearn for.

Most humans think that insects are a nuisance. But did you know that there are some insects that provide services that are beneficial to humans? Let’s look at the bees, without bees we wouldn’t have honey. Silkworms too provide us with expensive fabric. And wasps provide valuable pest control for farmers crops.

Pollination is an essential part of plant life and insect activities are responsible for the production of fruits, most vegetables and cotton. Likewise, if it were not for insects, humans would be in a constant filthy environment. Insects are known to recycle and break down animal and plant waste including dead animals. Without insects, we would live in a wasteland of filth.

But how do we control bugs when they enter our homes? One basic way to prevent bug infestation is to think like a bug. Truly Nolen experts are widely known for our reliability in administering effective pest control methods. We offer advice on how to become proactive in preventing bugs from becoming a nuisance in your home.

Bug Prevention Strategies

If bugs find the environment in your home conducive to their needs, they will quickly look to establish a nest. Once they become residents, they will create huge problems. Here are some tips from Truly Nolen pest control experts to keep bugs away:

Water Leaks: Bugs love water leak areas so look out for leaking faucets. An irrigation system that is producing too much water for plants can attract bugs such as flies, mosquitoes and crickets. Eliminating these potential attraction sites can limit your chances of bug infestation

Dirty dishes: Who wants to see their homes infested by cockroaches? These pests are definitely one of the most annoying. They love to feast on food of all kinds. Wash dirty dishes and sinks immediately after use so your kitchen will not become the favourite place for cockroaches. Keep grains and other food in tightly sealed containers to prevent infestation of insects such as weevils, cockroaches and rodents.

Pet Food Bowls: These are some of the favourite food haunts for bugs. Keep the water and food bowls of pets clean by washing after each use. Preferably feed pets indoors. If pet food is left out all day in the bowl, then, of course, you are setting yourself up for bugs to come and have a party.

Vegetation: Bugs love vegetation. It’s their natural food. If you have vegetation close to your house ensure you regularly trim it back as this will prevent insects from invading your home. Where there are old or dried leaves you need to remove them as well because bugs thrive in moist surroundings. Keeping your indoor and outdoor environment clean is the best way to eliminate uninvited pests.

Trash Bins: Prevent bugs from getting into your trash bin by keeping it tightly sealed. Bins should be washed and sanitized occasionally to kill bacteria and prevent a smell that will attract rodents and other pests. The storage area for your bins should be kept clean as well. Remember to put your bins out for every scheduled pickup.

Effective preventative pest control is one of the options Truly Nolen professionals offer to help you keep your house free from pesky insects and rodent.