Truly Nolen’s Response to COVID 19

Truly Nolen's Response to COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way of life for millions if not billions of people. Yet essential services still need to be carried out. This includes pest control, as this service helps promote public health and reduces the spread of other diseases.

However, it can still be difficult to know what exactly the new normal is. As case counts go up and down, our teams here at Truly Nolen continue to provide their services safely. We normally demonstrate this through our pet-safe pest control materials. Now, we also show our commitment to safety through the implementation of new protocols whenever you need our help.

New Customers

If you’re new to the Truly Nolen family, we make sure to provide our world-class pest control services while exemplifying the type of safety procedures needed to get through the pandemic. For this reason, we’ve implemented new practices to help keep you safe:

  • Exterior-only services: This includes removing spider webs, treating potential pest entry points near windows and doors, creating a second barrier of treatment around the perimeter of your home, and deploying outdoor bait to help keep critters outside. 
  • No-contact services: To prevent multiple close contacts throughout a service, our technicians can finalize services on a handheld device with your approval. 
  • Gloves: Our team wear a new pair of gloves to every home and safely dispose of previous pairs to prevent contamination. 

Should we need to enter your home to provide service, we continue to take steps to reduce close contact and prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. In addition to gloves, our technicians wear a new face mask at each home. It’s already part of our professional standards for technicians to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants. These steps should further minimize potential exposure.

Residential Services

Providing our professional pest control services to residential spaces is a large part of what we do. This makes it extremely important to make sure we’re treating your home and your family with the respect they deserve.

Often, our residential services begin with the exterior of your home. We treat the perimeter of your home to keep insects and other pests outside. In some situations, we can also provide a second treatment to add as an additional barrier. This helps ensure our spot-specific treatments, such as at doors and windows, don’t just push the pests to another mode of entry.

If we need to enter your home for treatment, our technicians wear new gloves and a new mask just for your property. We communicate our plans clearly and effectively to promote social distancing, and we use handheld devices to prevent any contact.

Should cases continue to climb or government protocol change, we’ll adapt our procedures as needed. We’ll also make sure to keep you aware of any required operational adjustments.

Commercial Services

Businesses have had a hard enough time operating during the pandemic. They don’t also need to deal with a pest infestation on top of stay-at-home orders and evolving government guidance. That’s why we continue to offer our 12-step approach services to commercial spaces that need it.

Just like with our residential services, we’ve adjusted our protocols to make it easier to avoid personal contact or bringing additional people into the interior of a commercial space whenever possible. We continue to offer our exterior-only services and equip our team with the necessary personal protection equipment that keeps everyone safe.

Adjusting to an Unknown Future

At Truly Nolen, we know the importance of a pest-free environment and this need doesn’t go away in a pandemic. Even as a potential second wave approaches, we are doing everything we can to keep our teams safe. By pursuing the responsible approach to our business operations, we can continue to help families and businesses while operating safely.