When Fall Arrives, Rodents Start Looking For Ways To Enter Your Home

Towards the winter, many animal species will seek shelter in human residences. Attracted by heat coming out of the homes and the smells of an organic substance, they will attempt to enter homes and hide throughout the winter. While smaller feral animals may not pose an alarming threat to a home, rodents can cause substantial damage and pose a risk from infectious diseases. If your home becomes infested with rodents, hiring professional pest control services in your Niagara home is the only solution.

Why are Rodents so Dangerous?

Mice and rats don’t attack humans, but they spread with a staggering speed. Both species mate all-year-round, each female bringing dozens of other rodents into the world. They become mature for mating within less than a month. You may not be afraid of a single rodent, but keep in mind that two of them quickly turn into twenty.

Hearing scratching and biting noises across your home is annoying enough, but it’s also a sign of a greater danger. Rodents can get into every spot in a home, chewing and damaging woodwork and electrical wires along the way. Ceilings are known to deteriorate due to rodents, and many homeowners had to re-do floors and interior moldings because of the feces damage. Moreover, rodents carry numerous contagious infections, and it only takes one of them to stroll across your pantry for the entire family to suffer from salmonella. Worst case scenario, you could get a Hantavirus infection.

Entry Spots Happen When Repairs get Delayed

Seasonal weather changes affect exterior and interior building materials. Roofs and chimneys lose mortar under the effect of extreme heat and rain, which only worsens as the temperatures cool down. Fences deform in the sunlight, which creates holes rodents use to get inside a home. Mortar on the walls weakens and cracks, which makes it easier for rats and mice to chew through it and enter homes. These are only some of the ways pests get inside a house. Luckily, these are easily preventable if you seasonally inspect the entire residence and hire expert pest control services for your Niagara property to perform audits.

What can you do to Make Your Home Rodent-proof?

Prevention methods can potentially save both dollars and stress. There are only a few things more stressful than sudden, expensive home repairs due to pest damage. To secure your home against rodents, remember to do these preventative measures:

• Clear out all garbage and empty the trash bins as often as you can.
• Use airtight containers and packaging to store foods, particularly those kept in storage rooms.
• Inspect and repair loose mortar on the exterior side of the house. Pay attention to doors and windows.
• Keep the area around the house clear of bushes and firewood, and make sure to trim the trees and bushes regularly.
• Having Trouble Defending Your Home From Rodents? Truly Nolen Niagara is Here to Help.

It’s not always easy to detect possible pest entry spots. Experts know where to look, and they also know which areas often get neglected and overlooked by owners. Truly Nolen, one of Niagara’s most efficient pest control companies, provides seasonal programs and strategies for inspection, detection, and removal of all sorts of pests, including rodents.