Where Can You Find Ticks?

Where Can You Find Ticks_

When you spend time outdoors in the fall, spring or summer, you have to be careful about ticks. Ticks can be hiding in a variety of places in your yard or your property. Avoiding ticks is the only way to prevent tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. You can prepare for tick season by calling Truly Nolen Canada to help with tick pest control. Here are the common places around your property ticks may be hiding.

In Wood Piles

The first hiding spot that may have ticks is in a woodpile. Ticks love moist piles of wood, especially old wood that has been sitting out for a long time. Wood that is broken down, rotting and falling apart may house numerous ticks. If you have the wood on your property, avoid collecting it in piles around your yard. For firewood, make sure it stays dry and is located in a sunny spot so it doesn’t collect moisture. Other piles of wood, like debris from construction or other activities, should be disposed of quickly so it doesn’t attract ticks.

Around Tall Grassy Areas

Another spot that ticks may be hiding in is a tall grassy area. Ticks prefer hanging out on tall blades of grass so they can attach to animals and people as they pass by. Tall grasses on your property may attract numerous ticks, so you have to be diligent in your yard work. Make sure you mow your lawn at least once or twice a week during the warmer months of the year. If it’s a rainy month, you may have to mow your lawn even more. You should also make sure you trim any bushes or decorative grasses so they don’t become another tick hiding area.

Throughout Wooded Spots

Ticks can also be found lurking in wooded spots around your yard or property. If you live near a wooded area, you may have more ticks in your yard than typical. If you, your family or your pets like to walk or hike on wooded trails, you may need to do a tick check after you finish your trip. It may also be smart to wear clothes treated with an insect repellant to prevent ticks from attaching.

In Leaf Piles

Moist piles of dead leaves are also a hot spot for ticks. In the autumn when the leaves begin to fall, make sure you clean up your leaf piles so ticks or other insects don’t make these places their home. Ticks like the warm, moist environment of leaf piles and can set up nests for their young. 

On Bird Feeders

Additionally, many homeowners don’t realize there is one more common place that ticks like to hang out in, bird feeders. If you love watching colourful songbirds flock to your yard and have set up a bird feeder, you may be inadvertently inviting ticks to your yard. The tiny ticks that attach to some birds may also stick around in your yard.

Tick Pest Control That Works

A tick infestation could put you and your family at risk of tick-borne disease. Keep everyone safer by investing in pest removal services to take care of a tick problem. You can work with Truly Nolen Canada to come up with a plan that keeps your yard from attracting these pesky critters. You can also make your yard more inviting and attractive by keeping it clear of debris, wood and leaf piles.

Connect with Truly Nolen Canada if you suspect you have a problem with ticks. We can come out and identify the problem pest. Our tick pest control services focus on the prevention and elimination of this potentially dangerous insect.