Why Are You Seeing Flying Ants in Your Home?

Flying Ants in Your Home

Just when you thought ants weren’t already hard enough to control, you might come across a swarm of flying ants. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – certain ants have wings and can fly. But they won’t fly at any old time. In fact, they’re flying for a very specific reason. If you know why they’re flying then you’ll be able to determine the level of ant infestation, and recognize when it needs professional ant control.

Why Are Ants Flying?

It’s the last thing you wanted to see, but yes, ants can fly. We all know that there are queen ants and worker ants within a colony. Turns out there are also reproductive ants, and these are the only ants in the colony that have wings.

When the conditions are right and the colony is ready to spread, hundreds of ants will fly together and meet in a huge swarm. These ants are born specifically to breed. When they meet in a swarm it’s effectively their biggest breeding session as the flying male and female ants mate and reproduce. Around half of the male ants will die immediately after this breeding ‘swarm’ since their life purpose has been fulfilled. The females, after they’ve mated, will return to the ground and eat their own wings for protein. Then they’ll burrow down into the ground in the hope of beginning their own colony and becoming the queen of another ant site.

Without wings, ants wouldn’t be able to breed. So, next time you’re looking at your phone and you accidentally walk through a massive swarm of flying ants, you’ll know that they’re breeding and spreading their numbers. This is a common sight outdoors, but if you spot it indoors then it’s something you should be very concerned about.

If ants are flying and breeding within your home, then it’s almost certain that you have a large ant colony somewhere in your house. The colony is so large, in fact, that the ants feel ready to spread to new locations and create even more ant nests. Termites also have breeding ants that fly and reproduce. If you see termites in a swarm indoors then it’s essential that you seek professional ant control.

How You Can Keep Them Out

There are a few simple things you can do to try and keep ants out of your home. First of all, you can spread some insecticidal dust. Although it’s not super effective, this will harm the ants if it’s placed inside their nests. Another option is to leave an insecticide bait. The hope is that the ants will mistake it for food and transport it deep within the colony. From there, it can be quite an effective way to kill off the whole nest. A spray can have a similar effect, but nests can often be difficult to reach.

Let Truly Nolen Handle Your Ant Problems

The most effective way to get rid of an ant infestation is to call Truly Nolen, the ant control experts. If you find a swarm of flying ants on your property then it needs professional attention. No DIY technique is going to provide the long term solution that we will. Our reliable and experienced staff will recognize a swarm of flying ants immediately and be able to formulate a plan. Once we’ve applied our long-lasting treatment on your property, you won’t have to worry about finding a swarm of flying ants again.