Why is DIY Pest Control Not The Answer?

Why DIY Pest Control Is Not The Answer

When you first discover pests in your home, it can be tempting to deal with the problem on your own. As the internet is full of do-it-yourself solutions that look and sound easy, it may seem a simple matter to rid yourself of your cockroaches, ants, mice, or other common pests. Unfortunately, most articles on the internet are written by non-professionals who don’t realize that they may simply be delaying their problem rather than solving it. Calling residential pest control is often the only true solution.

Why DIY Pest Control Fails

Even the most common household pests can be surprisingly difficult to evict from your home. Cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, and wasps are all common subjects of DIY articles. In truth, however, they often require extensive removal treatments.

Cockroaches are incredibly resilient and can multiply quickly. Chances are, if you see one, your home is already infested. Because cockroaches don’t return reliably to a single “queen” like ants do, setting baits usually only kills individual animals while plenty of others remain lurking in dark places. Common treatments like diatomaceous earth can injure bugs rather than kill them outright, causing them to run into the open in search of water. More poisonous products can be effective, but they can also harm domestic pets.

Ants are colony insects, so they can be expected to return poisons to a single location. Unfortunately, if you don’t administer the right dose of poison and distribute baits properly, you are likely to kill only a handful of individual ants. In some cases, ants simply don’t pick up baits. Other times, they take alternate routes instead.

Control measures for mice and rats tend to fall into either humane or lethal categories. The popular DIY solutions for neither are effective. Humane treatments usually rely on humane trapping or chemical repellents. In response to both, animals simply return to their places while taking care to avoid becoming trapped or inhaling chemicals. Lethal treatments like mousetraps usually kill individual animals while leaving the rest of a colony unharmed. In the worst cases, animals die in walls, causing an unpleasant odour and unhealthy conditions.

Wasps can be killed directly with poisons, but you have to know what you’re doing to get things right. Poisons are often species-specific, and might not work for the bugs you have around. Wasps sometimes build multiple nests. If you don’t treat all of them, you won’t solve your problem. Worse, wasps and bees can prompt deadly allergic reactions when they sting, so aggravating them deliberately is hardly a good idea for most homeowners.

Why Home Pest Control Is Cheaper and More Effective

The reason most residents opt for DIY solutions is that they think they are saving money or saving their homes from being subjected to dangerous poisons. In reality, attempting to carry out multiple DIY exterminations only to have your problem return later is usually much more expensive than simply calling a professional in the first place. Modern pest control experts are trained to understand how to safely administer traps or baits in homes with children or pets. 

When you hire a Truly Nolen pest control expert to assist with a pest problem in your home, you don’t have to worry whether you’ll be spending more money down the road dealing with the same infestation again. We are so confident that we can get rid of your problem, that we offer a 100% guarantee. Our experts work with homeowners to diagnose the full extent of a problem before taking action. Once we’ve set a plan in place, we’re happy to adjust as necessary to get pests out of your home. For professional service with years of experience, call Truly Nolen today.