Why Pests Are Attracted to Basements

Why Pests Are Attracted to Basements

When you have an infestation of pests, it is not always immediately evident. They often hide in out-of-the-way places in your home, such as the basement. The problem may grow very large before you realize that you need residential pest control. Here are some reasons why pests seek out your basement and how you may be able to prevent them.

What Kind of Pests Are You Likely To Find in Your Basement?

Humans appear threatening to most pests, so they try to find dark, remote places where people rarely go. That way, they can take advantage of being inside homes while avoiding encounters with humans. The longer pests can avoid the notice of humans, the less likely the humans are to take action against them and the longer the pests can stay.

The point is that there are many different types of pests that you could discover living in your basement. Here are some of the most troubling:

  • Cockroaches
  • Mice
  • Spiders

Why Are Pests Attracted to the Basement?

If a basement is unfinished, humans are less likely to go down there as often, which is one reason why it can attract pests. However, there are other reasons, and understanding them is key to prevention.

Animals with a low body mass in relation to their surface area are unable to tolerate high temperatures as well as larger animals. Therefore, these animals, which tend to be relatively small, prefer cool places in which to live. The basement of your home is typically a few degrees cooler than the upstairs because heat from the sun cannot penetrate far into the ground. Cooler temperatures make it attractive to pests such as mice.

A basement typically has at least one floor drain, which can back up if it gets clogged or if heavy rains cause flash flooding. If the water table is high and the ground is saturated, water can seep into a basement. All animals need water, including insect pests such as cockroaches. Moisture in a basement can attract pests, and if the water is carrying organic material with it, this can serve as a food source.

Most animals typically like to live where there is easy access to food. Mice may like living in your basement because it provides them easy access to your kitchen. If you have insect pests living in your basement, they can attract spiders, which feed on insects.

What Can You Do To Keep Pests Out of Your Basement?

It can be difficult to keep all pests out of your basement at all times. On the other hand, there are things you can do to make your basement less attractive to pests. For example, because pests are attracted to water, you can reduce your basement’s moisture level. A dehumidifier is effective at this.

Cover drains on your floor. Because pests are attracted to water, they may use the pipes and drains as access points into your home.

If possible, avoid storing food, including pet food, in the basement. Otherwise, it becomes an easy source of nourishment for pests. If you have to store food in the basement, make sure it is in sturdy, tightly sealed containers.

Many people use basements for storage, but clutter provides places for pests to hide. Clearing clutter away helps make your basement less attractive. You can still use your basement for storage but organize your belongings. Keep anything that pests could consume, make nests out of, or otherwise damaged by coming into contact with it in tightly sealed containers so that they cannot get in.

Why Should You Hire Truly Nolen for Residential Pest Control?

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