Why Year-Round Residential Pest Control Is Worth the Cost

Why Year-Round Residential Pest Control Is Worth the Cost

If you’re like many people, you may consider residential pest control during spring, summer, and maybe fall. If you think winter is a pest-free season, guess again, though: Bugs and critters enjoy the warm indoors as much as we do! While you curl up in your couch with a good book, a cockroach might curl up underneath that couch with food crumbs from last night’s Christmas Eve party. During winter, pests are typically out of sight but they shouldn’t be out of mind. Before you tackle these problems on your own, consider the potential dangers and expenses involved.

Risks Involved in DIY Pest Removal

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to take on residential pests by yourself. Even if you successfully get rid of one, there could be many more! To get rid of all the unwanted guests and prevent their return, you may be tempted to spray your entire house with chemicals, but these could also harm you and your family.

Additionally, coming into contact with pests or their leftover residue could be dangerous since these critters can carry diseases that are easily transmittable to humans or pets. Pets are more likely to catch diseases from insects and rodents since they’re likely to either eat them or mistake them for toys to play with. Instead of risking a potential illness by using DIY methods, leave it to professionals to inspect your home for pests and eliminate them more safely, efficiently and permanently.

Why Professionals Should Perform Residential Pest Control

When you hire a pest control service, a professional will thoroughly examine your home for all manner of creatures and clean out their popular hang-out spots. For example, an expert may clear your attic and crawl spaces from dust, wipe away indoor cobwebs, and install a cap over your chimney. Sure, Santa won’t be able to come down your chimney on Christmas night, but it will be worth the sacrifice if rats or roaches can’t come down there all year. In addition to professionally inspecting your home for pests and getting rid of them, a pro can educate you on ways to safely maintain a pest-free home.

Save You Money

Hiring pest control professionals may seem initially costly, but it can save you money in the long run. Although you may be able to prevent most pests from entering your home by spraying at-risk areas with powerful pesticides in advance, you may find that some bugs are immune to certain chemicals and have to invest in multiple pesticides that specialize in killing different types of insects.

You may also be unaware of pests lurking in concealed areas. Those hidden critters may be gnawing through the wood in your home and weakening its overall structure, requiring you to hire home improvement professionals to restore damaged areas.

Improve Your Sleep

In addition to ruining your home, hidden pests may also ruin your sleep. Even if you don’t see any while you’re awake, they may be visiting or biting you while you sleep. If you find that you have bed bugs, for example, you’ll have to emphasize your seriousness when you tell your loved ones “not to let the bedbugs bite”. To prevent bed bugs and other insects from approaching you in your sleep, you may literally have to sleep with one eye open. A consistent lack of sleep can lead to short-term fixes like coffee and energy drinks while your mental health deteriorates over time.

Get Optimal Protection From Residential Pests

Truly Nolen can offer you a Four Season Protection plan that monitors seasonal pest behavior. We then use advanced yet environmentally friendly elimination methods in response to those behaviors. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website and schedule a free inspection by filling out this form.