Are Swarms of Wasps Dangerous?

Are Swarms of Wasps Dangerous

There are believed to be more than 100,000 different species of wasp. The most commons ones you’ll come across in the Ontario area are yellow jackets and hornets. Whatever the breed or their distinguishing habits, many of them will travel in swarms. This can be a big problem and in this post, we’ll explore whether or not wasp swarms are dangerous.

If you find a wasp nest on your property, you’re likely to need expert wasp control. Wasps are dangerous insects which produce a painful sting. It can be repetitive and if you’ve upset a busy nest, a series of stings can even be fatal. Before you even think about dealing with your wasp problem, let’s have a look at the opponent you’ll be facing.

So Are Wasp Swarms Dangerous?

Let’s put it as simply as possible. Swarms of wasps and hornets can be very dangerous indeed. Even if they’re minding their own business and causing you no harm, the situation can quickly become a problem. 

A swarm is a group of flying insects moving in large numbers. It’s often exaggerated in horror films and television, but you get the idea. Swarms can be a scary sight and are certainly something to be wary of. Everybody knows that wasps are capable of stinging one person several times. But did you know that when they sting you, they release a chemical signal to other wasps? This signal tells other wasps that there’s a threat and they’ll begin to attack in numbers. If there’s a swarm nearby, then you’ll be dealing with the stuff of nightmares.

Why Do They Swarm Like That?

Wasps travel in swarms for a few main reasons. Most of all, they gather together in a swarm as a form of protection. Like many other animals, wasps will gather power with numbers. If they feel as though they’re under threat, a body of wasps will gather and be prepared to fend off anything which could cause harm to their nest. If you’re the unfortunate onlooker that disturbs their nest, you’ll quickly know about it.

There can be thousands of wasps in a nest at any one time. If they decide that they need to relocate, then they’ll need to scout their surroundings to find the best location for their new home. Hundreds of wasps will leave the nest and relocate, and the best way to do that might be in a swarm. They’ll be protected and are likely to be ready to attack when they’re vulnerable.

Some wasps are naturally aggressive and will attack in swarms for little to no reason. Other times, they’ll be putting the finishing touches on the nest they’re constructing. Desperate to impress the queen wasp, they won’t want you near their nest in case you ruin all of their hard work.

Let Truly Nolen Handle Your Wasp Problem

If it wasn’t already clear, swarms of wasps and hornets can put you at risk. Trying to remove your newly-discovered-nest without care or protection could spark a swarm. They’ll sting repeatedly and if you suffer any allergic reactions, you could be putting your life at risk.

Our technicians are experts when it comes to wasp control. We know how to handle the situation as carefully as possible and won’t disturb the nest as we remove it. Not only that, we’ll make sure that your home is safe from future infestations. We locate, eliminate and guard your home from every type of pest. You won’t have to worry about the risks that wasp swarms are going to cause if you call our friendly team today.