Busy Bees and Wasps Preparing for Winter

From a patio restaurant or the side of the sports field to your backyard barbeque by the pool, bees and wasps seem to be everywhere. They are inescapable and can pose a real threat if one stings you. It’s just natural that during this time of the year, when the leaves are starting to change and the nights are getting that chill in the air, that bees and wasps are readying themselves for the winter. They are generally more active during this time of the year as they gather food stocks for the colony, or gorge themselves in preparation for the cold. If you are stuck with the misfortune of having a bee or wasps hive to deal with, making use of professional residential pest control services is a safer and recommended option, rather than taking the risk upon yourself.


As the days begin to shorten and the temperature starts to drop, native bees and honeybees work for long hours during the light, collecting enough nectar to sustain the colony and themselves throughout the winter. The bees have gone into food-gathering mode, and this is a stressful time for them. They will hunker down in their hive for the entire winter, leaving only on unseasonably warm winter days.  They are not out to sting you, they are just busy bees. The fate of the colony depends on it.


As the seasons start to turn, wasps are also making the most of the last warmth. This time of year, the queen stops laying eggs, and the food-gathering strategy of the wasp colony changes. The male wasps now have the opportunity to gorge themselves on sweets and carbohydrates before they are killed off by the first hard frost of winter. This too for the wasp is a time of increased activity and more frequent contact with humans.

The Truly Nolen Solution

Truly Nolen understands the importance of both bees and wasps to the Canadian ecosystem, appreciative of their status as a serious pest and potential threat human as well. Truly Nolen uses tried and tested methods of identification, detection, and removal, applying the appropriate solution to the problem. Controlling a honey bee hive can be a challenging task, it is best left to your Truly Nolen residential pest control services professional.

Inspection and Identification for the Right Course of Action

Swarms, hives, or nests can become a real threat to your family, home, and your pets, and is something that is best not left unattended. Although some species of bees and wasps are more dangerous than others, they all pose a serious threat in numbers. A Truly Nolen technician will expertly inspect the problem, and determine the exact type of infestation: bee, wasp, or otherwise. A plan for removal or eradication of the infestation will then be formulated and duly communicated to the homeowner, advising them of the immediate action, as well as what they can expect in the preceding 24 to 48-hours. Truly Nolen’s expert technicians have what it takes to take care of you and family’s bee and wasp control needs, guaranteed.