Truly Nolen’s Response to

Commercial Pest Control

Special Service

Special Service

Special Service Control & Prevention Measures are as follows:



Nest & Broadcast Treatment
With the truck mounted spray rig and the typical spray wand, the technician rods the mound as deeply as possible with a liquid residual material to the point that the mound overflows.

He applies granular bait to dry soil in and around the nesting site to suppress egg production and affect foragers, stragglers and other budding colonies. Baits are especially effective in the control of ants because this social insect readily shares with other colony members.

Exclusion Minor
Exclusionary measures are imposed to eliminate entry points into the structure if ants are trailing inside. Areas commonly sealed include cracks & crevices in stucco, block, drywall and around doors & windows.


Mechanical Removal
The technician uses a hepa vacuum to physically remove any live ants found on the interior.

Pheromone Removal
Using rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant on a rag or paper towel, the tech rubs the surfaces where ants are trailing to destroy their pheromone trail.

Crack & Crevice Trailing Sites
If ants are found above the interior first floor level, then the technician uses a Getz duster and clean paint brush with a boron based powder to treat outlets and along baseboards where they meet the floor.

Truly’s guarantee is limited to 30 days. If activity is discovered within 30 days of the special service, the Truly Nolen technician will return at no additional charge to inspect and treat, as needed.

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