Difference Between Pavement And Carpenter Ants

Our homes are notoriously inhabited by two types of ants: the pavement ant and the carpenter ant. In order to deal with them, it’s important to differentiate between them and learn their habits. In order to combat an ant infestation, the first step is to identify which type of ant is causing the infestation. After determining this, you could be in need of professional carpenter ant control.

A Closer Look At Carpenter Ants

Proteins and sugar are what carpenter ants feed on. Many people think they eat wood as they often boreholes in chairs and other woodwork, but this is untrue as they only do that to make tunnels. Damp and dead wood is what they prefer to use, especially that which is found in old trees and homes. Kitchens and bathrooms are where they are likely to be seen as they also like areas that experience water leaks. To find their habitat, one can simply follow the sawdust they leave behind when making their shelters. Sunset to midnight is when they are most active.

They invade homes in colonies after leaving their nests during spring. A sure sign that they may have a nest inside your home is noticing their presence during winter. One of the most effective ways of combating a carpenter ant infestation is avoiding any buildup of moisture. Simply change the damp wood with fresh woodwork if they’ve already found their way inside your home. Keep in mind that professional carpenter ant control services are the recommended option in such a situation.

Pavement Ants Are No Less Troublesome

As the name suggests, the pavement ant mostly inhabits pavements. In the spring they try to conquer other colonies and this leaves many dead ants as a result, which in turn makes pavements look ugly. By digging into the sand, they create nests and increase the size of their colonies. Baiting is the easiest way of eliminating them. This because the worker ants bring the bait into the colony and this way the entire colony dies. Two weeks should be plenty of time to eliminate a pavement ant colony with this approach.

Can’t Be Bothered To Deal With Infestations By Yourself? Truly Nolen Is Here To Help

While most people will tell you that ants aren’t pests, but rather a mere nuisance, carpenter ants are very damaging to wooden structures inside homes. They can cause severe structural damage if left unchecked, which could result in costly repairs and an overall dangerous place to live in. A professional pest control company like Truly Nolen has both the know-how and experience to provide expert carpenter ant control, so wait no longer and get in touch with Truly Nolen today to ensure your home is safe and healthy once more.