Identify Carpenter Ants With Truly Nolen’s Help

Ants are usually viewed as a nuisance and not a pest. They are so widespread and common throughout Canada, that many homeowners see them as something that needs to be removed from their property either the DIY way or professionally. This is true, regardless of how tiny they appear to be and what species they are. Ants should never be left alone to rummage through your property or home. Among several types of ants Canadian homeowners typically encounter, carpenter ants can be particularly troublesome. Professional carpenter ant control may be needed in such a case, so keep reading to learn how you can properly identify your pest and what to do afterward.

Consult Truly Nolen’s Homeowner’s Handbook Of Ants Of Canada

The Homeowner’s Handbook Of Ants Of Canada by Truly Nolen was created to serve as a comprehensive field guide on various types of ants you may find around your property and in your home. Alternatively, you can always consult a Truly Nolen expert for pests to help you with identification and removal of pest ants that might be causing trouble for your home and family.

Identifying Carpenter Ants With The Help Of The Homeowner’s Handbook

Despite their name, carpenter ants are far from productive insects. What they are particularly good at, however, is demolishing. They prefer moist wood and creating tunnels through such environments. There are several means through which you will be able to identify them:

• Habitat
• Appearance
• Problems caused
• Human interaction


The reason why carpenter ants burrow into wood is typically to create nests. When it comes to places to look for them, you should start with wood structures near your home. Bundles or stacks of wood on your property are another area you should check.


Carpenter ants need to be big in order to be able to tunnel through solid wood. In fact, these critters can grow as big as 1.3 centimetres in length. Although they can have brown bodies, they are typically black in colour. Use these indicators as the simplest way to identify them.

Problems Caused

Most holes in your home’s wood structures can be sealed and reinforced, as carpenter ants don’t eat the wood they are burrowing through. The biggest problem with carpenter ants burrowing through your home is the possibility of causing severe structural damage to your home if left untreated. This can lead to unsafe living conditions as well as expensive repairs.

Human Interaction

Carpenter ants do not bite humans and are not interested in them whatsoever, so you shouldn’t worry about them. On the other hand, make sure to keep sugary foods sealed and out of their reach as they have a bad case of sweet tooth.

Need Help With Carpenter Ant Control For Your Property? Go With Truly Nolen

Despite thinking that carpenter ants are a mere nuisance and should not be removed from your property, keep in mind that an infestation that is left untreated could end up causing severe structural damage to your home. When looking for professional help with a carpenter ant infestation, remember that Truly Nolen is a company that has more than 75 years of experience dealing with various pest infestations. Servicing more than 150,000 customers yearly, Truly Nolen is THE household name when it comes to pest control effectiveness and reliability. Call Truly Nolen today and ensure your home is free from carpenter ants.