Is Pest Control Necessary During the Winter Months?

Is Pest Control Necessary During the Winter Months

Many Canadian residents will fall into the trap of assuming that colder temperatures mean there is little requirement for pest control. This isn’t intentional, it’s just a lack of pest control knowledge. Some people assume that if you can’t see any flying insects, then they can’t be that big of a problem. This is a dangerous and damaging way of thinking.

Pest control is still absolutely necessary in winter. It’s completely understandable if you’re a little overwhelmed, distracted, or even too busy to care during a hectic festive period. But pest control is something you should always make time for.  

Why You Need Pest Control Even in Winter 

Hopefully, we’ve already made it clear that you shouldn’t assume pest control is only for the warmer seasons. It’s true that you’ll be spending much more time indoors during winter. You won’t be closely inspecting your garden, seeing any pests in plain sight, or enjoying your yard like you might in summer or spring. But it might surprise you to learn that while you spend more time indoors, pests do too.

That’s because many pests can’t survive winter without the warmth and protection that your home offers. Even if they don’t sneak their way into your home, they might burrow down into the dirt on your property and cause problems there instead.

In fact, winter pest control gives experts like Truly Nolen a yearly opportunity to focus on pests in a different way. Much of the time, our work involves inspecting, surveying and removing pests from the exterior of your home. During winter, we spend most of our time focusing on the interior instead. 

When you invest in pest control for the colder months, it ensures that your festive season is going to be enjoyable and worthwhile. It also means that there’s much less for you to worry about when spring arrives.

What Pests Are Still Active in Winter? And Why?

You probably already saw swarms of ladybugs and stink bugs trying to force their way inside Canadian homes during fall. They congregate on the sunniest exterior of your home and wait for an opportunity to access the warmth through a window or door.

This is an annoying pest, but there are far worse. Several different ant species – including the hugely destructive carpenter ant – will also try to make a cozy home in your floorboards and basement. 

Rodents are another common winter pest: they cannot survive winter without the protection of your home. Not only will they chew through insulation and cabling, but they’ll also damage walls, attics, and piping. Rodents will bring many different diseases into your home and contaminate your food source too.

Then there are cockroaches, spiders, and even wasps. They may enter their own form of hibernation (that’s known as diapause) but come spring, they’ll already be 10 steps ahead of you. Every pest that makes a nest inside your home this winter is trying to do so for warmth and shelter. And, if you make it easy for them to access food, they have everything they need to emerge full of energy and life in spring.

How Can Truly Nolen Help?

At Truly Nolen, we want you to enjoy winter as much as everybody else. There’s nothing worse than putting in the hours and creating the perfect Christmas dinner, only to discover an ant trail in your kitchen leading all the way to it. Equally, you don’t want to be counting down until the new year and hear rats scurrying across your ceiling.

There’s no winter pest that our network of talented pest control technicians can’t handle. In fact, we developed our Truly Nolen  Four Season’s approach based on it. No matter what you find this winter, give us a call and we can help.