Outsmarting the Intruders: Creative Strategies to Mouse-Proof Your Home

Outsmarting the Intruders: Creative Strategies to Mouse-Proof Your Home

You may not mind having mice and rats on your property because they play an important role in the ecosystem, but having rodents inside your home is dangerous because they often carry contagious diseases. Unfortunately, mice often take up residence in homes because they have easy and convenient access to food, water and shelter. Making your home a less hospitable environment for rodents is the best way to keep them out of your house. These tips can help you answer the question of what is the best way to control rats.

Store Food Properly

Mice and rats like to invade homes because they often have easy access to food in kitchens. They nibble on crumbs that are left out overnight, and they also claw through open containers in your pantry to get to the food. Keep rodents out of your kitchen by thoroughly cleaning it each night and removing easy access to food and water. Store all open food items in airtight storage containers.

Seal All Potential Entry Points

Rodents are capable of squeezing through holes the size of a dime in diameter, so they can easily get through gaps in the siding of your home. Carefully inspect the exteriors of your house and use caulk to seal up even the smallest crevices so rodents can’t find their way into your home.

Clean Out Your Garage

Garages often make prime environments for rodents. Not only do they offer plenty of places for mice and rats to build nests, but they also supply an abundance of nesting materials. If you leave pet food or water out all day in your garage, you also give rodents easy access to food and water.
If you want to deter mice from your home, cleaning out your garage is a good place to start. Put away any pet food or water and adopt a strict feeding schedule to keep from leaving food out that rodents could access. You can also declutter and organize your garage to minimize potential nesting spots.

Check for Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are nocturnal, so when they take up residence in your home, you may not see them until you are dealing with a full-blown infestation. It’s important to check periodically for signs of a rodent infestation. If you notice any of the following signs of mice or rats, you need to call a professional immediately:

  • Gnaw marks on food containers
  • Droppings near baseboards
  • Strange noises in your walls and attic

What To Do When Rodents Invade Your Home

Rodents are notorious for multiplying rapidly. When you understand that a single female is capable of giving birth to up to 60 kits each year, you realize the importance of contacting a professional immediately if you suspect there are mice or rats living in your home. Making your home a less hospitable environment for rodents is the best way to deter them, but sometimes your efforts fail and you must call a professional for help with rat removal.

Truly Nolen has a team of experts who have spent many years studying the habits of mice. We understand what it takes to effectively remove a family of rodents from your home. Our staff members can also offer tips on how to keep the mice from returning in the future and show you areas that you need to patch up on the exterior of your house.

Call a Professional for Help With Rat Control

When you want to know what is the best way to control rats, the answer is partnering with a reputable pest control company such as Truly Nolen Canada. Our technicians specialize in rat control and can help you turn your home into an unappealing environment for rodents. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for rat control near me.